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The Best Pages of the Month
 June 1998

These pages are in no special order. These pages are just plain cool!
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Creator: Dara North
URL: Heavenshine's Library: A Sailormoon Fanpage
General Info: A 'combo' page, centered mainly around fan materials like fics and art.
Nominated By: Yvette
WOW! Ok, sure it's the table graphics idea that so many pages use now, but I just really like the graphics she made for this page. Quite a large amount of fanfics and fanart, correct, somewhat original profiles. It's nice to see a music page deciated to MIDIs for once, not those mp3s. Some people don't like MIDIs, but I do! Come to think of it MIDIs are yet another thing on this page by fans.
My only problem was with the image maps in the profiles. They, of course, don't work. I guess it's something still being worked on.
One more thing, I still like this page even though she didn't agree with my rant from a few months ago. ^_-
[Ves was away this month]
Nifty. This page is very pretty, a nice setup from the start. Plus, the info's on target and there's lots of fanfics and fanart to see. It's not the most extensive page I'v eseen, but there's good info and plenty of eyecandy. It's worth a visit, and it won't put nasty ideas in your head :).
Nice looking page! It could use some more info stuff in my opinion, but she seems to be working on that in her profiles sections. I also only say that because I prefer good info over anything else. The fan sections are very nice, and easy to get around. She has one of the largest collections of Fanart I have seen around. Overall a nice place to spend some time, but I hope she gets the other sections in her profiles opened soon.
Creator: Ruk
URL: Sky Senshi@The Racetrack
General Info: A shrine to the Sky Senshi of course! Sailoruranus!
Nominated By: Sossy Girl and Chika Lady
Yet another nice shrine this month! Yes, I left this page off of my "Christmas in July" rant, but it was just an oversight on my part. After all, I can't list every good shrine, can I? That aside, Skysenshi is a very nice site. For graphics and layout, it's great! The brick scheme is very original looking. I really like the "Updates" Java window that drops down, nice touch. The info on Haruka is seemingly endless and even includes a little info on the other senshi and their involvement with Haruka. I can't really think of any suggestions for this page. Sure it doesn't fit in a 640 res, but Ruk tells you that. Plus, seeing I use 1024 res, it didn't bother me at all!
[Ves was away this month]
Wow, a good Uranus page. :) Graphically and set-up wise, this page is beautiful. Lots of good info, lots of opinions, and several other sections and things worth seeing. Probably the best Uranus shrine I've seen in a while.
Chock full of great Uranus info. That's the best way to describe this page. I didn't know one person could write so much stuff on one character! It's also part of the Kraider group, which makes some of the nicest anime shrines on the web.
Creator: Skeeter
URL: Evolution
General Info: The Sailorjupiter shrine with the deep sounding name
Nominated By: Susan Tkachuk
Another Shrine?! This one is to an inner senshi, Jupiter which is nice because as rare as good shrines might still be, ones on inner senshi are even rarer. Very nice manipulation of the graphics on this page. Some original ideas, like the pics down the middle pages, rather than down the more commonly-found the sides of the page... Which she does also does quite well. The frames version works well with a clearly laid-out selection menu, and the non-frames version looks and works every bit as good, so frame haters, don't miss anything! The info is informative and extensive, there are also Jupiter fanfics, graphics, and multimedia files. Some "fun stuff" as well, even though some of it like "The Clone Files" I didn't quite get. Guess you have to be friend of Skeeter's.
[Ves was away this month]
This is a fun place to visit. The set-up, again, is gorgeous; I especially loved those cute little Jupiter figures on the sides, like the ones doing "Jupiter Oak Evolution." The info's on target, and there's a lot of the extra stuff too (sound clips, fics, pics, et cetera). I don't recall ever visiting a good Jupiter shrine, I'm glad to know that there's someone making sure that she's being properly worshipped.
Yes! It's about time we had another inner senshi shrine to award. So many people seem to favor those outers. I wish I could find a good Usagi one though. Anyway, this is a very nice page, with some good and original info ideas. I did like the fun stuff sections, but like CereCere, I had a little trouble figuring out those Clone Files. I was expecting maybe pics of people that looked like Makoto or something. The opinion section articles are well written, actually overall this whole page is well written.

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