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The Best Pages of the Month
 May 1998

These pages are in no special order. These pages are just plain cool!
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Creator: Fish Eye and Tiger Eye
URL: The Amazone
General Info: Amazoness Quartet & Amazon Trio Shrine. (We didn't pick it for the obvious reasons.)
Nominated By: Enigma and Jen
First of all, nice splash page...I like the little MIDI. ^_- Inside, nice graphics all around. This page doesn't look like it has a lot of information, but it does have an episode guide with summaries to lot of the SMSS season. They are original summaries too, not Doi's! The rest of the page is made up of pics and files covering just about everything on Trio and the Quartet.
I wish our own Dead Moon Circus Shrine was this complete. I also hope the extra hits that they may get from this award don't cause them to get hit with one of those $200 a month bills from SimpleNet.
I have to admit a bit of a bias towards this page. It is based around the Amazons of the SuperS season ;) The page is full of pictures from the anime, manga, cells, and musicals. There are is a multimedia and sounds page with related material. The one downside to this page is that it is short on information. Somewhat understandable since this page focuses on the baddies from the SuperS season.
Pretty nice page. It crashed my computer a few times, but what I saw improved my disposition. Nice graphics, nice set-up. My main problem is that the main page has only graphic links; text links would help. Lots of different areas, a huge multimedia section, tons of graphics, even stuff on the SuperS musical. A fun place to go for the Amazoness fans (err, Amazon fans, too, of course).
Cool! An Amazoness/Amazon shrine! Seems like there are better and better shrines out there lately. This one doesn't have a lot of info, but it's still nicely laid out and the info that is there is quite good. The episode listings and summeries are nice, clearly written and are well done.
Creator: Saturn Lee
URL: Bow to the Glaive
General Info: A Saturn Shrine, that's good enough to make you "bow to the glaive" (ok that was bad)
Nominated By: MoonBrat
When I first saw this page I thought one thing... "WOW!"
Most shrines we visit are drab, with hardly any effort put into having an original design. This one isn't like that! A huge amount of written info on the most mysterious senshi. (not counting Pluto) I even liked reading her policy on image taking; now that's a policy!! My only comment on how to improve, some of the pages do not fit well on 640 resolutions, such as the origins page. This appears mainly due to the banners on the top of your pages being slightly too large. Just shrink them a bit to a width of 600 pixels and I think the problem will be solved.
I've noticed that we are getting more and more well done shrine pages. This one is focused on Sailor Saturn. The graphics for this page are great with some very nice touches. Personally, I liked the manga background used on the attacks page. The suggestions for making your own Saturn toys are quite unique. It makes me want to go out and make my own Saturn lunchbox despite Mercury being my favorite. Or perhaps I'll forget the lunchbox and just take the lunch...
This is a spiffy shrine. It has a neat set-up, lotsa cool graphics, accurate info [though it's Death Reborn Revolution], opinions and stuff, things about being goth [though I don't agree with that idea], et cetera. Just a nifty Saturn shrine to visit, vastly better than the majority of shrines out there that say, "I like Saturn 'cause she's... um, evil or something" then give a few million stolen pics with wrong info. Probably one of the best Saturn shrines I've seen actually.
Yet another good shrine? We're having a two for one sale this month! A ton of info here, lots to learn for both the "inexperienced" and "experienced" Hotaru fan.I really liked how she dealt with that stupid rumor that Saturn is a "goth." Overall a nice read, with lots of other things to do as well.
Creator: Rei-chan
URL: Eien Sailormoon
General Info: "Combo" page. Correct, original information, downloads, and
Nominated By: Susan Tkachuk
A combo page with lots of original stuff! The info section is filled with a lot more than the usual summeries and character profiles, including info on Nihongo, Hiragana and Katakana. Half of you might be saying, "What the hell is that?" (I know I was!) Well, it has to do with Japanese language and writing. See it is good, because I learned something new for once! That's something I haven't done on a SM page in a long time. Lots of nice, fast loading pics, (even with a MIDI in the background) and a nice easy to follow layout to boot.
Graphically, this site is beautiful. There is a low graphics mirror that was down when I visited. The regular site didn't take that long to load any way. The character pages where refreshingly different (even though they still contained the usual blood type/favorite food information) with first person journal like entries. The villian page was one of the most indepth I've seen in a while. Not all of the information was accurate, but the author acknowledges a lack of knowledge on some characters. I spent around an hour going through this page and hadn't seen it all. A worthwhile stop in my opinion.
Nice set up from the start. Basically a good page, over all. Some of the pics look a bit lengthened out and awkward when edited. I'm not overly infatuated with this page due to minor problems with the info like the Rei loved Jadeite thing that has never been true; other things are a bit overgeneralized [like the SMS summary focuses only on Hotaru] Over all, though, it's a nice page, opinions/rants, Find Usagi, stuff to do, and the character profiles make you feel all warm and fuzzy.
I have a question first. Is it Eien or Eini? The owner spells it both ways, but it seems Eien is the correct one. It contains a great villians page, which is nice to see because there never seems to be enough on them. (Some of the villains are cooler than the senshi!) There are some very minor slips in the info, but it's not enough for me to disagree with presenting this site a "best of the month" award. The look of this page is also very nice and unique. A very original page all around.

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