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Some Close Runners Up...
 April 1998

Here's some close runners up to the Worst of the Month... some of these may even go on to be next month's worst. May the gods have mercy on their souls. They're in no real order, they just all suck...

Page: Welcome In Crystal Tokyo
Creator: Prince Demando
Nominated by: ChibiChibiSaturn
[Takes a deep breath] LOADING, LOADING, LOADING!!!!!! This has to be the worst page I have seen in a while for loading, so it deserves the extra loud, heavy metal version of my song! Super giant pics just for links? Without any text links? You should always try to include text links somewhere when using pics as links. That way people don't have to wait forever for the pics to load and move on to what they really want to see. On the info page...another giant pic! An image map! At least there are text links this time. The realaudio page file links are busted, and they only link to someone else's site without credit. The movies page is just a link to a totally different page. Plus, hardly anything in the other sounds page. However, this page isn't totally bad, the info is actually generally correct, even if it is in the same old format used on a lot of pages.
First, you do not need large images as your links on your main page. The link to the images page itself was broken. The movies page was linked to a page on Fortunecity that was a bunch of links to Haruna's Homeroom. Definitely not cool in my book. The music page was linked to a Geocities that was linked off of RealAnime98. RealAnime98 is a site that has gone to password protection to keep people from linking its files directly. I say more power to RealAnime98 and down with rip off sites like this one.
Ho hum... Bored... Waiting for this stupid front page to load up... Waiting... Okay, I actually have a life and don't plan on waiting for twenty minutes for all the graphics to load up, so let's hit Stop. Image page gallery, which is linked to another page, we get an error message. Real Audio page... We get broken pictures, links to a Simplenet page, and links to a geocities page that just links off that first Simplenet page. Sounds page: Welcome in the Ultimate Sailor Moon Sounds Section- yeah right! One measly file that isn't found! Info page: A bunch of broken pics abound; the general information about the 'senshis' a lot of which is just flat out wrong [like when it comes to attacks, powers, ages, and the seasons they come from]. Some of the info sounds extremely familiar [where have I heard the Pluto/Saturn comparision before?]. The links page has a format which is simply ripped off of Toto's Sailor Moon and SailorStars Screenshots page. Over all a really cheap site; offers 10 megs, if I'm not mistaken, which is four more than most geocities pages, and I've seen a lot more creativity and originality on some of those pages than here, which is saying a *lot*.
[ParaPara was away this month]
Page: Dedication to Haruka
Creator: taylorlvr
Nominated by: Maleficia
Stolen image gallery without thumbnails, not a lot to see or do, the only info is a short paragraph on Uranus' relationship with Neptune. It's a waste of time if you were looking for a good Uranus shrine.
Image thief! Stop! Links images off of several different pages then says not to steal the pics. Augh, I'm not going to waste words condemning them. This sucks, enough said.
Ugh! My favorite senshi! What in God's name is this? Some dedication! Obviously stolen pics all shoved onto three pages in their actual sizes? And he says don't take the pics? Information on Haruka... Hah, you call that information? That's like stating the very obvious about her. I mean, please, my shrine on this page is puny and small and hardly begins to say anything about Haruka, but I think that's a whole lot better than this!
[ParaPara was away this month]
Page: Melvin's Sailor Moon Web Page
Creator: Melivn
Nominated by: GhostCow
If there's one thing I hate more than people with huge egos, it's pages that are impossible to read! Bright lime green text on the Dic SM logo, yep... The only way I'm going to see anything here is with the old "click-and-drag-to-highlight-the-text" trick. The bad backgrounds don't stop with the index, it continues into the info pages. Throw in the fact that pics take a long time to load, and on average there is one broken link per page. That might what causes the pics the take so long to load, plus the fact I heard's speed sucks!
This page contains character information and image pages. Neither of these things are original or even done well. I want everyone to repeat after me: "Thumbnails are our friends." Resizing an image using the HEIGHT and WIDTH tags is not making a thumbnail of it. It takes as long to load as though it were the full sized image. And the images weren't anything I haven't seen over and over. The character pages were just screwy. What I want to know is where did the author get the idea that there was 'sexual tension' between Haruka and Michiru? He points out that they never kissed in the anime as evidence, but so what?
If there is one possible site on the Internet that has the slowest connections after Geocities and Tripod, it would be Crosswinds [and Fortunecity to a lesser extent]. Green background, large font, misspelled names, incorrect info. Sorry, there haven't been any OVAs for SM and there are 18 graphic novels. Best Setsuna info line: "Setsuna is really 29, but looks younger from the effects of time travel." Uh... NO. Michiru 'Kaiuo.' What the heck does 'Kaiuo' mean? Loads of crap for Haruka and the Inner Senshi. Scouts and Senshi and NA SM and Japanese all used interchangeably and freely, especially Serena. [Geez, can you imagine anyone saying "Serena lives in Minato-ku."] The image gallery... Can we say stolen and long waiting times to load up? Yeah, I knew we could... Over all just a big waste of time to go to, there's nothing there that's worth seeing or you haven't already seen before.
[ParaPara was away this month]
Page: Merc-chan's Sailor Moon Page
Creator: lightguardian
Nominated by: setsuna
Ummm, really bad page, really simple review.
One, don't take pics without asking first, that's why you're having trouble with other pages now. Two, don't put all your pics on one page, that makes for a poor loading time. As for people who are thinking about going to this site, don't. (Am I using "don't" too much in this review?) There's nothing here but a lot of stolen pics that take too long to load, no info, three links to other pages... this is a waste of anyone's time.
I'm growing old waiting for this page to load. *yawns* is it finished yet? I hit the stop button and there are still a lot of images left to download. Forget it, I have other pages to look at. I'm out of here!
While I'm waiting to see if Crosswinds will load up for the above page, I'll write my review here: Um, stolen pics. Large stolen pics. Humongous large stolen pics that are all on the index page and posted up without a lick of credit. Add that to large text and a crap setup, and you have a fairly good idea of another page only an idiot would go to for fun.
[ParaPara was away this month]
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