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Some Close Runners Up...
 March 1998

Here's some close runners up to the Worst of the Month... some of these may even go on to be next month's worst. May the gods have mercy on their souls. They're in no real order, they just all suck...

Page: Neflite's Temple of the Stars
Creator: ????
Nominated by: CereCere
Welcome to the webpage for people who are extemely farsighted! All big type, all bold type, all big pics, all big java type scripts! BIG BIG BIG!
As for the info, lots of mix ups. I don't thing Nephlite ever wanted to control the stars; he just consulted them to help come up with his plans. Sort of a form of fortune telling. Also that "temple of the stars" is a mansion somewhere in Toyko, goes along with his whole human secert identity. He never really fled from Beryl to find the crystal either. He only turned 'good' because of his love for Molly/Naru, something which Zoicite interpeted as treason.
The image gallery takes forever to load, gotta love Geocities! Seriously though get rid of the midi on the gallery page, that will help it load faster.
Ack! This page has way too many pictures on the main page. Pics are nice, but they also slow down loading speed to a snail's pace. You don't need a 60k+ picture as a link banner. Nice idea with using thumbnails to larger images, but the thumbnail pics were large enough to still make for a long wait. (And there weren't that many to a page, folks...)
If I wasn't awake before, I sure as heck am now. Can we say overuse of one of large font and large pics? I'll say this: it crashed my web browser thrice. I have no clue how it managed to do that, but I have an idea that in that really trashy setup, there was some trashy HTMLing as well. The Neflyte info was vague and brief, nothing major. Personally, I don't know much about him or Nephrite [probably because I don't care that much about him], but things like him dreaming to be with Molly/Naru are quite off. He never dreamed about being with her- he rarely had time to do so, and he was in denial in any free time he did manage to have. Anyway, for a shrine dedicated to the general, this sure is sucky. The Jupiter pics are stolen, duh, and I hate to say this, though I expected it- he only linked to equally sucky pages...
This page looks yucky, why? Oh, wait, crappy format. No, no, I won't get on that. Format isn't as important as information is...the whole Nephrite stuff seems odd to me, I haven't watched the first series for about 3 years, so I'll let the others take care of that.
Page: Blue Starry's homepage
Creator: Blue Starry
Nominated by: Setsuna
Well I see JunJun picked the low graphics verison, so I'll take the Frames/high graphics one. Why not live life on the edge? Wow it didn't take that long to load, but let me check the other verisons. Wait a sec...there isn't a huge difference between the Frames/High Graphics verison and the low graphics version. I think you should strip down the low graphics version some more like getting rid of the large SOS pic and replacing it with one of their smaller ones. I pity people with 14.4 modems having to face this.
Ok, back to the frames verison, the main page link goes back to the page where you make your choices, shouldn't go to the inside index page? (frames3.html) Also the link to the picture section doesn't work. Take it out if you have shut that area down.
The summery of the show sticks to the NA with no mixing. The character pages seem ok, at first but after you leave the 'Inners' and 'Outers' pages you'll find the rest are all copied directly from another page! More copying?! This is the third page this month! The pics are direct linked, the words are the same.
Like check this out go to:
then go to:
Oh my...
Is it just me, or does it seem that some people don't understand the concept of 'low graphics' pages? I follow the low graphics link and still encounger 8 different moving gifs. A low graphics page should be a list of links with few or no pictures. The character information pages are the basic name/food/hobby fair that has been beaten to death many times before. And what do we have here? Linking pictures from The Sailor Senshi Page. That is a definite no no in my book. Especially since this is done without credit.
It's amazing how much trash can be filled on the front page that is supposed to reduce loading time by offering seperate choices... The index page still took me about five minutes to load up by itself. I chose the graphics rich, nonframes selection [there is no way I'm trusting a bad nomination with frames]. Unfortunately, this uses oversized text and huge pictures, not to mention the JAVA script is buggy. All the pages had huge graphics or large fonts or crappy set-ups. And for some other reason, I keep getting this message that says my disc cache is too full- I went in with an empty cache. This isn't the worst yet, folks. The character information pages- when they're not mixing up Japanese and North American info in a confusing jumble, they're copying the character pages from The Sailor Senshi Page WORD FOR WORD, not to mention LINKING directly to the pictures! And this girl can't even give credit nor link back to the page? I can't believe Geocities even made her a featured page, this is total crap.
Slow, slow, slow. Og look, stolen pictures. I'm so glad I wasted my time at a page that does what almost every crappy pages does: mix Japanese and NA, have weird JAVA crap all over the place.
Page: ~*Usa*~'s Sailor Moon Page
Creator: ~*Usa*~
Nominated by: MoonBrat
"Warring this page is full of Sailor Moon!!!" I hope that doesn't have to be rewritten to "warring this page is full of _____!!!" ^_- What is it with people and the Comic Sans font? Sure it's a nice font, but it seems about every month we go to at least one page that uses it. I am getting tired of it, but that isn't really a complaint about this page.
The info in the summeries section is very brief, but is basically good except one thing. You refer to all the Japanese episodes, when they air the name of the season etc. but you clutter up the summery by throwing in all the english names. A suggestion would be to maybe put the english names to one side and say this is what the Japanese names are, and this is what they are in english. It would make them easier to read. And for crying out loud Uranus is not Alex, Michiru is not Michelle. They have been named Corrine for Uranus and Nerissa for Neptune by Dic. As for Saturn, she hasn't been named yet!
Half of the index page is the typical ring/large guestbook/images/e-mail me/gif that clutters and slows down the loading time. The author uses incorrect English names for the Outer Senshi. The profiles themselves aren't anything that hasn't been done/seen before. They are basic info mostly, but the author should use a little sentence variety. Not every sentence in a paragraph should begin with 'She is/was'.
"I don't take credit for any of the pictures, music files, movies, etc. found on this page except for the ones I made (please don't take them without my permission) so feel free to take any!!" Let's play 'What's wrong with this statement?' If you didn't make the files, why are you encouraging people to take them? Even more so, why do you discourage people from taking the one file you can lay claim to?
I'll admit, this page's index page could have been a lot worse, but it could have been a whole lot better too. Y'know, I'm beginning to love the 'Let's give the Outer Senshi English names bit and talk about them like they're in the American dub using scouts/senshi and stuff like that.' Every single character page has tons of NA SM info mixed with Japanese info [I wonder why I should be so surprised by now, but hey, these people always find new ways to shock even a veteren]. The info about the powers is so obviously lifted off from a more knowledgable page that I won't even give her credit for that. Every single MIDI failed to work on every single page. She links to at least three or four pages, usually without credit, then she has the nerve to say don't take the pics I made, but anything I stole is yours, which is about 99% of everything.
Giving the Outer Senshi names in the first place was bad, but now they have "official names." YOU HAVE to stick with them, no matter how you feel about it! I didn't like the name Lita for Makoto when DIC SM first came out, but if I had had a DiC page, you wouldn't see me calling her Mackenzie (or whatever) instead of Lita. Another thing I disliked was the "pass-the-blame" thing with her multimedia files. It's like saying, "This isn't my stuff, but you can have it and pretend it's yours if you want." There's WAY too much webpage theft as it is, and this is just encouraging theives.
Page: Matthew's Sailor Venus Shrine
Creator: Matthew
Nominated by: Kuonji Ukyo
Sailor Venus Shrine? [CereCere looks around for the Sailor Venus Stuff] I don't see anything here thats about Venus, not even the fanfic is just about Venus. The only thing that is Venus is a couple of animated gif that are found EVERYWHERE and a background pic. Maybe you should reconsider the name of your page, no?
The frame set up is bad, there is no real need for the top frame get rid of it and it will fix the poor sizing of the others.
There is very little on this page, and what is there is really bad and mixed up. A waste of anyone's time.
The introduction to Sailormoon is kinda screwy. How he states it makes assumptions of the series and is debateable. I'd also like to point out that Uranus does not have 'the power of earth', she is the Senshi of the Sky. I realize the World Shaking lends to this confusion, but she does call herself the Senshi of the Sky. The meat of the page is the index page. And as CereCere pointed out, there isn't more than a Venus background image to be seen here.
Um... All righty then. Let's take a looksee- first thing I noticed was that the frames were sized wrong, so the top frame is cut off with no scrollbar, you can't even see the title. Next, the setup is littered with broken links, smashed text, and unreadable text to boot. The third thing I noticed was that the information on the front page was, aside from the fact that it was obviously pure BS invented off of the author's lack of familiarity with SM, a combination of bad NA SM and bad Japanese info, hacked together. Terms, names, and conditions from both are used aimlessly. I find it extremely odd that this is a VENUS Shrine, yet there is little to no information about Venus!
Seeraavinasu! Doko wa?! Change the name of your webpage, bud. There's no Venus info in the first place. OH! Wait, the page would still suck if there was.
Page: Moonlight Knight and AinoMinako13's Page
Creator: Moonlight Knight and AinoMinako13
Nominated by: KaiouSei
The page in question here is quite clearly The nominator told us that this page copies directly from on the Everchanging Sailormoon Gateway. I'm not going to say anything else, this one simply speaks for itself. Just go to one page, and then the other. The only difference is the color scheme! Wow, cooool, just hit the back and forward buttons, the page looks like it's changing from blue to green. Weeeeeee...
Hmm... have I seen this somewhere before? I think I have. Perhaps the Everchanging Sailormoon Gateway? What do people have with ripping off this page?! It's great and should be admired for that, but come on, get a few of your own brain cells and do your own research!
What hasn't been said already? Copying and stealing information that someone else has worked hard to get and research is flat out wrong.
Oh, this is disgusting. Yet another Gateway wannabee, this is getting to be really annoying. What needs to happen before people stop? The Gateway actually shutting down. I think Janelle's threats of shut down were idle this time, but who knows about next time. The worst part is, not only did they steal stuff, but the changed the bg to a sick color.
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