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And the Winner Is...
 November 1996

Adam and Anna's Sailor Moon Page

Here's Why:

  • The text is too freaking big!
  • They just copied everything from Hitoshi Doi's page, except in bigger font
  • Even with the copied info, they mix NA names and Japanese names together, as well as make some really stupid mistakes

Positives About Their Page:

  • Good info, but it's direct plaguerism from Doi's page

Can you say "EGO!!" Sorry guys but the text on this page looks a little familar, its cut and pasted straight from Doi's. Its also one big long page, god I hate scrolling for hours don't you?
First off , the authors are VERY egotisical and VERY dillusional. They obviously have no idea what's what. They can't get the names right, and "King Serenity" is a dead ringer. Mixing of NA names with Japanese names. Decrease the font size already! This page is one big headache. It's definately high up on the scale of lame DIC viewers with no clue. This page needs to go down or be rewritten. It's not worth going to, but if you want to flame a sucky page.
This page just sucks. I mean, it rips off everything from Doi's page, and it uses gigantic print too, to make viewing worse. Um, sorry, but you two do NOT rule.
Okay, this is probably the worst page I've ever been to. The person took Doi's page, copied and copied it in the biggest possible font..its so freaking RETARDED! This web page took a total of five minutes to make. It's obvious.
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