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 The Amazoness Quartet Archives - Old Best of the Month
   For November 1997 to October 1998

Pages wtth this above the title are no longer up.
Shows pages that have not been updated in over eight months.

December 1997

Creator: kotono
URL: Sailormoon and The Sailor Senshi
General Info: Combo page, with a bit of everything, mainly info.

Creator: Mara K.
URL: Pluto Planet Power!
General Info: A very large Pluto shrine

February 1998

Old Reviews for February '98

Creator: apatt
URL: The SM Zone
General Info: 'Combo' page, very big, it has the works! No Dic stuff though. ^_^

March 1998

Old Reviews for March '98

Creator: Ben Goodger
URL: Millenium IV
General Info: High tech site, reviews, editorials, Saturn Shrine, SM Faq files.

Creator: Jubei & Psyber
URL: The Original Sailor Mars Shrine at Hikawa Jinja
General Info: A Mars Shrine, go fig?

April 1998

Old Reviews for April '98

Creator: Lyta
URL: Lyta's Sailormoon Homepage
General Info: A very original "combo" page. Interactive stuff, nice layout, original info sections.

Creator: Lunar Dragon
URL: Eternal SailorMoon Heaven
General Info: A excellent graphics, lots of stuff to see and do. Includes some original files for downloading.

May 1998

Old Reviews for May '98

Creator: Fish Eye and Tiger Eye
URL: The Amazone
General Info: Amazoness Quartet & Amazon Trio Shrine. (We didn't pick it for the obvious reasons.)

Creator: Saturn Lee
URL: Bow to the Glaive
General Info: A Saturn Shrine, that's good enough to make you "bow to the glaive" (ok that was bad)

Creator: Rei-chan
URL: Eien Sailormoon
General Info: "Combo" page. Correct, original information, downloads, and

June 1998

Old Reviews for June '98

Creator: Dara North
URL: Heavenshine's Library: A Sailormoon Fanpage
General Info: A 'combo' page, centered mainly around fan materials like fics and art.

Creator: Ruk
URL: Sky Senshi@The Racetrack
General Info: A shrine to the Sky Senshi of course! Sailoruranus!

Creator: Skeeter
URL: Evolution
General Info: The Sailorjupiter shrine with the deep sounding name

July 1998

Old Reviews for July '98

Creator: Jov
URL: Dark Echo Grounds of Thunder Senshi
General Info: A shrine to the "talented" Sailor Jupiter. (OK Dic joke... so sue me)

Creator: Minki Kitti
URL: Memoirs of a Fish
General Info: The shrine with the fishy, yet rememberable name. Here's to Fisheye!

September 1998

Old Reviews for September '98

Creator: MochiCat
URL: Mamoru Guide
General Info: A shrine to the somewhat over-dressed hero, Tuxedo Kamen! (Well at least he doesn't wear tights.)

Creator: Ellen Bekkering
URL: Moon Groove
General Info: An excellent collection of pages including a Combo Page, Shrines to Sailor Aluminum Siren and CereCere (OK I know what your thinking ^_-), an animated gif gallery and throw in a dash of PQ Angels. So get into da groove!

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