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 The Amazoness Quartet - Anime
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The Quartet were drawn into the Dead Moon Circus by the promise that Neherenia would give them magic balls which will allow them to stay forever young in exchange for their help in finding the golden crystal. They wanted to stay young because they felt adults lack the ability too have dreams.

The Amazoness pick up the job Amazon Trio did in the second half of SS. They hunt for the Golden Mirror, which the person who is hiding Pegasus will have as their dream mirror. Zirconia calls them "little girls" which is a good description of them. Because, despite their skimpy clothing, the Quartet are somewhere between 12 and 14 human years old, maybe even younger! They are quite playful and are usually found at the Circus causing some kind of mischief. They also don't like obeying Zirconia at first and only follow their orders after Ves is defeated in a fight with Zirconia. They continue to be mischievous, playing with Zircon (Zirconia's pet eye thing), stealing the Pegasus away from Zirconia for themselves.

At the end of the SS anime, Sailormoon convinces the Quartet that they will not lose the ability to dream as they age and if they destroy their magic balls they will be free of the Dead Moon Circus. Thus, they destroy the balls, but do one more thing for the senshi. They steal the Golden Crystal away from Neherenia and replace it with none other than a pineapple! At the end of SS they simply become normal girls and disappear forever.


CereCere is the one with the pink hair. On the surface she doesn't seem to be as tough as Ves or Jun, with her love for flowers and all. However, she can be exteremly devious and tricky when she needs to be. CereCere, like the rest of the Quartet, usually uses some kind of trick and lure her victims in so she can remove their dream mirrors. Her magic ball is colored yellow.


The redhead is VesVes. She's a bit tough and she isn't one to like authority too much. She almost defeats Zirconia in a fight, so she can be considered to be fairly powerful with her powers and trusty whip. Like the others, she can control and summon lemures to attack people and the Senshi. Her magic ball is colored red. (Goes with the hair!)


The green haired freak is JunJun. As you can tell by her usual expression, she's a bit of a tough cookie. Her magic ball is colored green. (Like you couldn't guess.)


The one with the blue hair is ParaPara, also known to some as PallaPalla. In Japan, the 'l' is nonexistent, but 'r' and 'l' sound alike, hence the different spellings. We like using ParaPara because it's closer to the correct way of saying it with in English. ParaPara is, well, a little psychotic and often refers to herself in the third person, saying "ParaPara" instead of "I" when talking about herself. Her magic ball is, you guessed it, blue! What a shock!

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