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 F A N F I C T I O N  S P E C I A L

- A Companion To Writing Sailormoon Fanfics by Helen Szeto -
- Links & Reviews -


Fanfiction (or Fanfics), are stories writen by fans based on their favorite characters and stories. These characters and stories can come just about anywhere, TV shows, movies, comics, and novels.

Fanfics can be as simple as someone dreaming up a new episode idea, with the typical actions and reactions of characters, and by making use of the many other ideas the original writers have created. However, they can also be much more complex, taking the characters into situations that twists and turns up-side down just everything the original authors developed! Ideas are only really limited by the fan's own imagination.

On the internet, fanfics have flourished and have received more exposure than they ever have. This is due to people being able to send their writing around the world through email, web sites and newsgroups. Of course with the huge following Sailormoon has on the internet there are lots of Fanfics on Sailormoon available, with new ones popping up just about every other day.


In this feature we hope to show you where to get help on how to write your own fics and also show people who are looking for fanfiction to places that have vast amounts of it. It was not our intention to actually review any particlar fanfics here, as that would be way to time consuming, and beyond our ablities to do it properly.

We don't claim to be experts on SM fanfiction, therefore we asked the public's help in creating this feature. To all those that helped us, thank you. We would also like to thank Helen Szeto (aka 'Lennie'), a reconized and experienced author and critic of SM fanfics, for writting a quite extensive article for this feature.

This feature was created July 1998.

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