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Identity: Sailoruranus
Real Name: Tenoh Haruka
Birthday: January 27
Sign: Aquarius
Seiyuu: Ogata Megumi

Favorite Attack: World Shaking
Quotable Quote: "Invited by a new age, I'm the magnificent Sailoruranus!"

Top Ten Reasons Why JunJun Likes Sailoruranus
[In No Order]

1. Haruka's got tons of attitude. I like that in a person; people who aren't afraid to speak their minds and what they think are cool. She's not restricted by her emotions, and she's not the type to be afraid to tell someone, "Go to hell."
2. She's got a great relationship. Even though Michiru's only like fourth or fifth on the senshi ranking for me, even I have to admit that she and Haruka make a good pair, very devoted to each other.
3. The looks: She's got 'em. Tall, blond, green eyes. Sort of gender inspecific, she can be pretty or handsome, depends on the episode, but overall she's very sexy, I especially like that little flick in her hair. Just think of how many guys she could stun with her looks [right before she pounded them into pancakes for hitting on her (eg)]
4. She's anti-male. I'm anti-male. Enough said.
5. Haruka's very strong, both personality wise and physically. I admire strength, particularly in a woman. She won't back down just because she's a female, and she knows exactly what she wants and will do anything to get that. She's also very take charge, can't stand incompetance, and she just gets things done, quickly and efficiently, though not always easily.
6. Ever see her transformations and attacks? They're awesome! Animation, voice, and bgm are all really killer. And I like her Talisman, the Space Sword, it's probably the best out of the three. Cuts anything with that sharp yellow blade.
7. Ogata Megumi! Ogata Megumi! Ogata Megumi! One of the greatest seiyuu to ever grace the anime world with her prescence, along from Hisakawa Aya and Inoue Kikuko. Not only can she do the drop dead gorgeous voice of Haruka, but she can do other characters like Shinji from EVA and Emeraude from MKR.
8. She's got lots of style. Her clothes, manners, ideas, preferences, et cetera all show that she has taste, she's not trashy nor does she act like it. She's very classy and not butch like the stereotype lesbian. And in the manga, she combines masculinity with femininity into a nice mixture.
9. Haruka is into sports, and I love sports too. She does track, football, racing, even race car video games. I run track at my high school, so I can relate to her when she says she wants to be fast as the wind.
10. Haruka knows how to have fun. She can be really funny when she's teasing a pretty girl, like Usagi or Minako, and she never seems very remorseful when she's caught by Michiru, though she has the decency to blush at times. Her exchanges with Michiru are always extremely funny.

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