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Identity: Sailormercury
Real Name: Mizuno Ami
Birthday: September 10
Sign: Virgo
Seiyuu: Hisakawa Aya

Favorite Attack: Mercury Aqua Mirage
Quotable Quote: "Douse your head in water and repent!"

Top Ten Reasons Why VesVes Likes Sailormercury

1. Three words 'Mercury Aqua Mirage'. That was such a cool attack. Graphically it was awesome. If only she got to use it more than just once in the special! No one can claim she's the weakest senshi when this attack is used for the comparison.
2. She's smart, I like that. I'm a firm believer in the saying 'brains over brawns.' She's got the brains. The brawns can go to those with less muscle between the ears than she has.
3. Voice actresses. Mercury had a great one in Japanese with Hisakawa Aya (who also did Skuld from Ah! My Goddess). I also like her voice in English. The accent took a bit to get used to, but it had the effect of making her sound intelligent.
4. She's got the well being of the team at heart. What else would you call her dragging Usagi through school? She's a motivator for the team scholastically, trying to bring them up to her level. Patient too.
5. She likes swimming, I like swimming. Though I'm sure she could swim laps around me, it would be a bit of a competition off the diving board for sure ;)
6. She's the heroine of the struggling student. If we all study hard like she does, maybe we can be as successful. Her studying habits are taken to extremes, but so is Usagi's ditziness.
7. I want her mini computer! What can you do with a sword but slash baddies? Or a big staff? The computer is actually useful!
8. She has Uwara Ryo. While her and him aren't as tight as Usagi/Mamoru or Haruka/Michiru, she still has someone. None of the other Inners are as well off.
9. Ami got her own special, how cool is that, eh? Personally, I thought the animation kicked even though the story was a bit lacking. At least it was all Ami.
10. I love her hair. It's cool and stylish in the summer, while the blue of it is in place for winter colors.

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