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    Here's what the little voices in our head asked us and our own responses:

The Amazoness Quartet
What is the offical name of your site?

"The Worst Sailormoon Pages Ever by the Amazoness Quartet"
Ok it's a mouthfull, but that IS the offical site name. If you want you can just call us "the Amazoness Quartet", "the AQ" or our personal fav, "Dave".

The date this site was put online:

October 1996 - Now I feel old...

List the nicknames of all your reviewers/members:

  • CereCere - In charge of the email, happy loading songs and keeping things organized or in disaray, depending how you look at it.
  • VesVes (# 5) - Takes care that icky soap scum in the shower.
  • JunJun - Department of Underwater basket weaving
  • ParaPara - Part-time amature dentist, part-time troublemaker, and came up with the original concept for this site.
Why did your group start this page?

Well don't want to repeat all of that on the main page so two quick reasons:

  1. To help people save time by finding good SM pages and avoiding bad SM pages.
  2. To help raise awearness about the lack of quality in SM pages and improve standards.
Try to list three points (or less) about how you think your group's site is different from the other SM Web Page Review Sites:
  • Honest, no frills reviewing. Without links to any bad sites, to help encourage people not to go to them. Sites are suggested through private nominations, without any self-nominations.
  • Comprehensive Page Tips section, Special Features on certain types of SM pages, and The Lemure Files Guest Articles.
  • Free Peanuts. Here have some... damn they can't pass through the monitor... oh well.
List any future plans this site may have for further expansion and improvements:

Sorry that's Classified, level AQ clearance only.
However we can tell you we are planning another feature down the road, further expansion and improvements of the Page Tips, and an improved SM People's Choice Awards.

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