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The Best Pages of the Month
 April 1998

These pages are in no special order. These pages are just plain cool!
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Creator: Lyta
URL: Lyta's Sailormoon Homepage
General Info: A very original "combo" page. Interactive stuff, nice layout, original info sections.
Nominated By: Nezumi-chan
What's best about this page is it's very, very original. It's kind of a nice suprise to find a site that's more than a year old and hasn't had its ideas ripped off!
Nice original ideas like Interactive sections and Humor sections (even though I didn't find the stuff that funny). The info sections are correct, and yes, original, with more info on characters than you find on most "combo-type" pages.
Also, nice idea of using all the little manga pics. It gives the site a consistant, and once again, original look. So what if they are mainly black and white?
I wish I didn't have more pages to review so I could look around here more; alas, I guess I'll have to come back later.
This site has a lot of unique touches. I liked the scans of the character height charts. That is good, solid info. The season summaries are good without telling you every little detail that happened. I also liked her CD information page. I agreed with many of her opinions in regards to the CDs and individual tracks. A bit of gripe in regards to the profile pages; she sometimes uses a dark font color on a black background.
I like this site. It's nice, pretty, interesting. The pictures are unique, a plus, and many are cute. The information's good, and she has several other nice places to see, not just info. I liked the musicals screen shots, that was something I usually don't see everyday. The senshi sitings thing was unique, if not really weird. My only complaint is like VesVes', the backgrounds sometimes are way too dark for the text, like on the villain pages; I suggest moving the text over off the side bar so you can read it better.
[ParaPara was away this month]
Creator: Lunar Dragon
URL: Eternal SailorMoon Heaven
General Info: A excellent graphics, lots of stuff to see and do. Includes some original files for downloading.
Nominated By: Jov
A page by someone who is studying both Computer Science and Graphic Design, and it shows! Don't be fooled by the large looking pic at the entrance, it actually loads fairly quickly. Once inside, a lot of stuff to look at here. Lots of character info without those darn usual "height, age, likes and dislikes" lists. Lots of Multimedia links, original files for downloading and more. The Synopses could be longer but aren't bad for brief descriptions.
My only other suggestion- dump the updates page that you have to cross over between the entrance and the main page. A usual rule to follow is "three clicks" of the mouse to get to what people want. Right now I count 4 to 5 till you get to the "meat" of the page. Just move the updates page so that it links off your main page. Then people have a choice if they want to see them or not.
Nice graphics. It took me a bit to figure out how to get into this page, but 'Chibi-chibi lead the way'. This site is amazingly fast loading considering the graphics that are used in it. The synopsi are a little bit off, but are easily corrected if the owner is so inclined. I was also a little put off by the fact that every sentance in the first paragraph was a different color. The goodie's page is good. The images for wallpaper are unique and interesting.
Nice site. I wasn't quite sure at first why after clicking on the picture of Eternal Sailormoon you weren't taken to the main page, but CereCere addressed that already. Buttons are all cute, original T-shirt prints and graphics were a plus, 'goodie' pics. Information on the senshi is good for the most part but the season names are off a bit- it's Sailormoon Super, not Supers and then SuperS, not SuperSix. Nice links, nice pictures, other nifty stuff like the author's opinions on books and anime and games using the Outer Senshi; my only problem is the picture gallery for the senshi, really. True, most of the pictures are fairly common, I just think that whoever's pages he got them from should be given credit, some of the pics were obviously edited by previous people and the like.
[ParaPara was away this month]

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