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Some Close Runners Up...
 February 1998

Here's some close runners up to the Worst of the Month... some of these may even go on to be next month's worst. May the gods have mercy on their souls. They're in no real order, they just all suck...

Page: Sailor Star Saturn's Super Sailor Star Scouts Site (yes say that 5 times fast boys and girls...)
Creator: Six Seasons
Nominated by: Yoake
Picture gallery could be better. It would be nice if you could see thumbnails of pics rather than just descriptions. Plus the pics are rather small. Ooo...good old "Scouts" used with Japanese names! The profiles aren't really too informative, except for showing what the Italian and French names are for the characters, plus the usual NA and Japanese. ChibiChibi and Galaxia are one in the same? I don't think so!
Hmm, not much here. I haven't seen all of the manga pics before, but these ones are small and are nothing of note. What can I say? It was an unremarkable page.
Outer scouts, inner scouts, Japanese names but still calls them by their scout names. ChibiChibi is in no way Galaxia, the entire profile on the both of them is totally off. Kinda weird how in the anime, she uses 'Fireball', when it specifically calls her Kakyuu, and in the manga he calls her Kakyuu, yet this would be the only time when you might be allowed to translate and call her Fireball. For the eighteenth zillionth time, Chibi-usa is NOT an Outer Senshi! Neptune: "She can be very mean to the inner scouts and even made Amy cry." That is sooo taken out of context, it's not even funny. Profiles are way superficial, probably the most superficial I have ever seen. Pluto is not good with children and it makes her appear cold? Since when? And since when has Hotaru feared worms? Wait a minute... 'Seiya' got over Serena when Darien came back? Uh, no he didn't. Taiki is 'just 'putting on the front that he's interested'- he never does that. Pretending to be male? The Lights _are_ male in their Earth forms. Trash info, bad setup [green text on purple background? Try again], over all a bad place to be.
See, pictures and layouts aren't really my big deal. It's the info. WHAT THE HECK?! Galaxia is ChibiChibi? Well, maybe in a metaphysical sense she is, but not quite. Personally, I agree with the mean Neptune thing (sort of) but I don't recall an episode where she made anyone cry by what she said. (I don't suppose this person does either, considering she hasn't seen the original.) And, for the LAST time: THE STARLIGHTS ARE MALE THAT TURN FEMALE. Want a picture of Seiya without his shirt on?
Page: Silver Millenium Moon Kingdom
Creator: AnglPrncez
Nominated by: Mako-chan
Loading, loading, loading... Whoa this isn't even the main page?! Why such a huge pic for nothing? No one is going to wait to see it load if it's not on the main page. Dump it or resize it!!!! Well, seeing her page won't be updated 'till June, I won't bother with the rest. This is the worst loader of the month, I'll now take this time to display a new loading song sent in by "lavafire."
"(To the tune of 'Row, Row, Row, Your Boat...')
Load, load, load the page; Wait until it loads. It is wasting lots of time; Is it the next Millenium yet?
Load, load, load, slowly; A snail goes much faster. Click on stop and there you see: Some broken pics and links!"
Ack! A BIG graphic on the main page to greet you along with a Java Applet that pops up to tell you what program made it. Charming... Lots of places to go, but are any of them worth it? Not really, lucky me that the Manga Collection page was mostly broken links, else I would have been there all night. In fact, broken picture links seemed to be the norm for this page. They do mix NA and Japanese names freely. I don't think it can be pointed out often enough that 'Senshis' is not a plural for Senshi.
Slow loading... Maybe if she got rid of that slow scrolling title bar on top, plus that grossly large SOS pic... And what the heck is wrong with her linking? She links to the very bottoms of each page, using targets for some unknown reason. So instead of going to the *top* of the page like you want to be, you end up at the bottom. You don't need targets linking from page to a different page. Aside from the fact that for me, like half the pics were broken [including the Outer image map], the info was all screwy. Hotaru's life and the ending of Sailormoon S is totally screwed up on the page- the timeline is way whacked, Eternal SM doesn't show up for two more seasons, and Master Pharoah 90 isn't the 'Demon Master.' Outer scout/inner scout, Japanese/NASM names, there are two animated gifs [slow] on each info page. Translations idea stolen from Doi, sometimes direct copies with 'added' info (loved that senshi = scout bit). Mythology looks like plaguerism from some book on the subject. Manga pics- only attempt if you want to see about ten huge stolen pics piled up after each other. Quiz- can do it in my sleep.
Three Words: Waste of Time. I hate how people screw over Hotaru's life, not because I'm biased or anything (;P). Blah, I don't want to review this. Everyone has said enough.
Page: Chibi Usagi's Page
Creator: Chibi_Usagi
Nominated by: Rose
Ack! If there's one thing I hate, it is backgrounds that make the text impossible to read! But this is not the real reason for picking this page. You want to know this person's dirty little secert? Just check out the source codes. Just about every pic is linked to pictures from another page,!!! Not one shred of credit is given the person who created the other site. They might think cause the person is from Japan so they'll never know. Get a clue! The Web is international, you found that page, someone else will to. Unless this is an English mirror of that site, get your own pics or credit the person. Plus you might be wondering why half your pics don't work now, I guess they found out.
Where's the page? I see a link to an awards page, and links to other pages, but that's it. Whoops, I found the substance (I think). Character info on Chibimoon isn't accurate by mixing Japanese and NA. All the picture links on that page are broken also. The Senshi Shrine consists of 3 pictures, and I recall where one of these pics was taken from.
I think I counted about 7 or 8 different webpages this girl stole pics from- and directly linked to the original websites too. Now, can we spell 'lame,' boys and girls? She's all giddy over learning new html stuff- I'll say, she's learning how to steal pics from people! She doesn't even bother crediting them! Aside from the stealing, her text is virtually unreadable against the backgrounds, the info's weird, et cetera. She got awards? I'm always amazed at how people will give awards to pages for doing anything.
I hate people who aren't original! They can't get pictures from free archives or scan them themselves, instead they're got to rip them off another person's site. Not only is it rude, but it makes the webauthor look cheap. That last word describes this page well.
Page: The Sailor Moon Universe
Creator: tuxedomask
Nominated by: ?
There was a time I thought this site was pretty good, nice clean looking layout, good info and so on. But now I have to ask, What the @^!% happened??? The nice link pics are gone, replaced with an image map that doesn't look half as nice. The background pic is partly corrupted from I guess a bad upload. I personally always have a thing against pages that try to come off as regular pages put up by a fan of the show but are always trying to sell you something! Also, ummm guys, for a page that seems to be trying to tell us the latest in SM news, don't you think it's about time you got rid of the SMR page? Or at least update it. Even though the final "R's" haven't been seen in the USA, they have been dubbed and shown several times in Canada!
I must admit, the index page is very pretty, but most of my problems lie on the other pages. Notice that every page has the full sized banner of the main page. If you feel the need to remind people what site they are at, make it a smaller sized banner. After the banner, you will see a banner ad on EVERY page for Ai no Senshi (on the lyrics pages it is on there twice). Once for the entire site is enough, honestly. Then there is a page guide, which is useful, but it is big and with the other two items makes it so that the entire top half of any page is taken up. This page also mixes NA and Japanese attacks. I think it is a NA page, but at some points it is unclear. Nice thought to have the Sailormoon FAQ by Kenn Arromdee listed, but they didn't bother to format it at all so it comes out looking crappy. One more minor quibble is that there are some misspellings scattered about.
The perfect reason why pretty pictures and setups aren't more important that information. First off, it has totally wrong info on why there are no new eps, claims Pioneer sued Takeuchi, which never happened, claims there was going to be a sixth SM season. Uh, no. "PIONEER AND THEIR ABSURD CLAIMS!" Talk about absurd, look who's talking. This kid describes the R movie and the Ami-chan special in DUB terms, and crappily at that. He says he does that so he won't confuse the NA watchers. Hey, excuse me, what about everyone else? I find it mildly ironic on the characters page that the Starlights are listed as senshi- pardon me, I meant scouts- but the Outers aren't even acknowledged as existing. "Anti evil signs: "This is the my power that I received when I became a priestess at the Cherryhill Temple. DiC Production's is incorrect when they say that this power is the power of Mars. Because it isn't." No duh. You know, all the OTHER attacks are wrong too. Moon and Chibimoon have info mainly from the dub, mixed in with wrong Japanese info. Rainbow Moon Heart Ache is NOT the same as Moon Spiral Heart Attack. "Pink Sugar (Attack) Power"? Whatever. Rini isn't even IN the dub yet, and her name is spelled 'Reeny' elsewhere. The funny thing is he can't even get the DUB attack names right. Rest of the profiles mix NA info with Japanese info and are incredibly superficial and wrong at times. Makes me wonder what the big, positive fuss over this page is.
Don't you hate it when those "Neat, important sources that people respect" come up totally wrong. (Case in point: Animerica..what on God's name were you thinking when you messed up Utena?!) Anyway, it's TOTALLY wrong. I like to parallel this site to Animerica. People respect the page/magazine, but half its information is speculation. I'll answer JunJun's question, about why everyone is all positive and stuff over the page. One word: Chatroom.
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