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 The Amazoness Quartet Archives - Old Runners Up to Worst
   For November 1997 to October 1998

Pages wtth this above the title are no longer up.
Shows pages that have not been updated in over eight months.
These pages have been majorally changed and are no longer considered bad.

If your page has been marked as "improved" you may go here to download an Improved award banner.

The sucky ones for November '97's

Page: The Moon Kingdom of Love
Creator:Moon Princess Love
Comment:Big time incorrect dubbing of characters names and broken links.

Page: Scout Power
Creator: Scout Power
Comment: Bad info, bad layout, and a bitch to load up. UPDATE: Loading and layout has improved. However, still some info problems with the typical Dic/Japan mix up.

Page: The Mercury Kingdom
Creator: Kou Yaten
Comment: Was a huge pain to wait for loading. UPDATE: Loading has since improved, and content somewhat to, still some minor layout problems.

Page: My Sailor Moonie World
Creator: litlchibi
Comment: Was icky looking, and a waste of time, before it was taken down.

Here comes December '97...OY!

Page: Sailor Lita Dorm Page
Creator:Sailor Lita

Page: The Moon Kingdom
Creator: Agtscully4
Comment: Very twisted info, bad loading times, too many pics

Page: The Just About Everything Sailor Moon Page
Creator: SailorMars
Comment: Another pain to load, alot of orginaization problems, crazy made up info. UPDATE: Problems with loading generally fixed, but could be improved a little more. Info also fixed up a bit.

Page: Universal Sailor Scouts
Creator: Little Mouse
Comment: Long loader, plus crashes browsers. There is also Fandubbing on it.

Page: The Golden Millenium
Comment: Long loader, plus only a fanclub page, not worth your time unless you want to join one.

Page: (Still there, but dead) The Amazing Sailor Ring Home Page
Creator: Usagi7
Basic Comment:Hasn't been updated in a while, only a ring application page, no pic where it says to click one.

February '98, Another Year of Bad Pages...

Old Reviews for February '98

Page: Sailor Star Saturn's Super Sailor Star Scouts Site
Creator: Six Seasons
Comment: Trash info, bad setup [green text on purple background? Try again], over all a bad place to be.

Page: Silver Millenium Moon Kingdom
Creator: AnglPrncez
Comment: Long loader (bad Java and big pics), Incorrect info, Problems with links and targets. UPDATE: In the process of making changes to fix problems. Will keep an eye on it (03/16/98).

Page: Chibi Usagi's Page
Creator: Chibi_Usagi
Comment: Serious ripping off of other people's sites, pictures directly taken (check the coding), bad background for reading text against.

Page: The Sailor Moon Universe
Creator: tuxedomask
Comment: May look nice on the surface, BUT!...outdated and incomplete info, (talks about starlights, but nothing on outers), incorrect rumors, main purpose seems to be to draw you in and buy SM stuff.

March '98, Here we go again...

Old Reviews for March '98

Page: Neflite's Temple of the Stars
Creator: ????
Comment: Confusing wrong info, slow loading, bad format with chessy Java.
UPDATE: No longer Neflite Temple, now the Anime Nebula, a page on SM, MKR and EVA. Loading still takes a while on the SM page, due to very large pics. No large amount of info in SM section, just pics and multimedia files. At least the pics in the image gallery now seem to be original.

Page: Blue Starry's homepage
Creator: Blue Starry
Comment: Copying without permission, low graphics version doesn't seem that much lower than the high graphics.

Page: ~*Usa*~'s Sailor Moon Page
Creator: ~*Usa*~
Comment: Uses the old unoffical names for outers, descriptions cluttered, minor format problems and errors.

Page: Matthew's Sailor Venus Shrine
Creator: Matthew
Comment: This isn't a Sailor Venus Shrine! What is there is a waste of time.

Page: Moonlight Knight and AinoMinako13's Page
Creator: Moonlight Knight and AinoMinako13
Comment: Copied another page without credit.

April '98, Yippie!

Old Reviews for April '98

Page: Welcome In Crystal Tokyo
Creator: Prince Demando
Comment: Long loader, ripped-off stuff, lots of broken links.

Page: Dedication to Haruka
Creator: taylorlvr
Comment: Not really worth the time, if you were looking for a shrine page.

Page: Melvin's Sailor Moon Web Page
Creator: Melivn
Comment: Hard to read, slow loading speeds, 'sexual tension' between Haruka and Michiru? What da? O_o

Page: Merc-chan's Sailor Moon Page
Creator: lightguardian
Comment: Lots of big ripped-off pics, lots of big text, lots of big KBs which all adds up to a sucky page.

May '98, Whahooo!

Old Reviews for May '98

Page: Sailor Moon's Manga Homepage
Creator: Carol and Sally
Comment: Rips off info from one page, dumps everything into one HTML.

Page: Sailor Senshi's Campus
Creator: Jade
Comment: Very long loader, broken and stolen pics, not really alot to do here, so not worth the time.

Page: A Moon Star is Born
Creator: Guardian Ivy
Comment: Well she dumped the Java window, and stripped down some other things, but it still takes forever to load, and other problems still present.

Page: Sailor Ceara's Sailor Moon site
Creator: Sailor Ceara
Comment: She is in the process of improving the page, will keep an eye on it.

June '98, Yipppee!

Old Reviews for June '98

Page: The Anime Place: Sailor Moon
Creator: Moussewcon
Comment: Rips off Doi and the SMFAQ, just a waste of time for something you can find better elsewhere.

Page: Eternal Moon World
Creator: Usagi & Crew
Comment: Confusing info, false thumbnails.
UPDATE:Has since cleared up the problems with most of the info and has fixed the thumbnails and some other little improvements.

Page: Supreme Goddess Rei's Page
Creator: SG Rei
Comment: Has since improved alot of the layout and frame problems (note to SG Rei: we don't hate frames, just poorly set up ones.) However, the content problems are still there. Will keep an eye on it though.

Page:The Sailor Uranus Gym
Creator: ChibiUsako
Comment: Simply ripped off Skysenshi@The Racetrack just about word for word, and stole pics from there as well with direct links.

July '98, Bring 'em on!!

Old Reviews for July '98

Page: The Senshi Temple on Cherry Hill
Creator: Chibi Chibi Moon
Comment: Rips off a site banner from another site, those lovely Fan-dub names and more! Actually not much more, nothing really.

Page: Pretty Soldier Land of Love
Creator: Meg and Manja
Comment: Long loader, mixed-up info, mainly links off to other sites while making it look like they have a lot of content.

Page: Larissa's Dark Kingdom Palace
Creator: Larissa
Comment: Big time screw-ups in info and even some stuff made up.

Page: The Sailor Moon Gallery
Creator: Jason Rodgers (but he didn't really create it)
Comment: Ripped off another page's basic layout and several pics (

Some Bonus Pages in July:

Page: Andrew's Unoffical Sailor Moon Headquarters
Creator: Andrew
Comments: Long loading time, direct links to pics and music, direct links to Hitoshi Doi's summaries. Everything is now broken because he direct linked. A Page to avoid.

Page: Jacob's Sailor Moon Page
Creator: Jacob
Comments: Long loading, huge pics. Has ChibiChibi and Starlights pics on outer senshi page, all pics stolen and movies stolen, no credit to any place. Another Page to avoid.

Page: §uper §ailorLoony's(Lita) §ailorMoon Page!ˇ!
Creator: Lita or Sailor Loony, which ever you prefer.
Comments: Direct links, bad setup, too many images, moving gifs on the page, and pointless stuff. Everything is basically on one HTML file, not a lot of info, so not really worth the trip.

September '98, Let's get reeeaady to rumbllllleeee!!!!

Old Reviews for September '98

Page: The Nuka Sailor Moon Page
Creator: Sailor Neptune
Comment: Mucho stolen pics, all direct linked, Info only basic stats all adding up to a waste of time.

Page: The Forbidden Eternal Moon
Creator: Eternal Princess
Comment: Totally twisted info for a fanfic, but no clear warning that this stuff is for a fanfic. Almost impossible to navigate.

Page: Daydreams of Mina
Creator: XxDarienvX
Comment: Long loading, overly large link pics without any alternate text links provided. Copied and pasted info. We also commented on the crazy stuff added for halloween. Well I'm writing this on Dec. 3rd and the halloween stuff is still there!

Page: The Gallery of The Silver Millenium
Creator: JessMack
Comment: Lots of ripped off pics, direct linking. UPDATE: The page is currently down for re-construction, will keep an eye on it for a possible "Improved Award".

Bonus Page:

Page: Sailor Stars Page
Creator: Anna
Nominated by: Unknown
Comments: Takes forever to load thanks to several direct linked pics.

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