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Some Close Runners Up...
  July 1998

Here's some close runners up to the Worst of the Month... some of these may even go on to be next month's worst. May the gods have mercy on their souls. They're in no real order, they just all suck...

Page: The Senshi Temple on Cherry Hill
Creator: Chibi Chibi Moon
Nominated by: Kixxycatt
Ummm, I may not know Japanese too well but do I know that banner on the top of your page says in Japanese that it belongs to the Sailor Moon Screen Shot R site, not "The Senshi Temple on Cherry Hill." The entrance to the pic galleries says there should be no broken pics. Well, there may not be broken pics, but where are the HTMLs? There is the good old fandubbing of Neptune's and Uranus' names which I really love seeing now. More so than before, now that there are real English names for them, not the made up stuff the fandubbers came up with.
This site may be under construction, it may be fairly new, but already she is stealing stuff, and it has been up for well over a month now and hasn't changed a bit! (This page was actually nominated the end of June.) Remember when building page,s do not advertise them until you get something worth seeing up! It's damn annoying going though searches to find a page that has nothing!
Augh, more of the same old. I want something new, something exciting, something different. Wait, I've found it! A blue link on a blue background. How innovative! I wonder why no one else does it...? "We have links to all the Senshi..." Congradulations on writing the links, how about writing the .html file it's supposed to lead to? Wow, the first part of a fanfic written in easy to read brown on green. It's not quite as back as "Alex and Michelle's Link Line", which left me blinking to get my vision back.
Yippy, let's play a game? Can we recognize that logo on the main page? Ooh! I can, I can! It's from the screen shot page! It is! Oh, let's play another game. Let's count how many broken links can we find? All right, let's try all the ones on the picture page. There's more on the character info page too. I love how the links page is called "cool" by the owner yet there are only two links up. I wonder what else I can do... Oh, nothing? Huh, that's too bad... I want the last ten minutes of my life back.
Where's the content? Where's the info? Stolen logo pic from the Screen Shot R page, and those lovely Alex and Michelle fandub names. Even with all the actual content pages broken I can see this page is bad and is going to get worse as it expands, unless they start fixing things up now.
Page: Pretty Soldier Land of Love
Creator: Meg and Manja
Nominated by: Rei Hino
[Slow guitar chord] Mi mi mi...[deep breath] LOADING, LOADING, LOADING!!!
I had to wait a minute on a 33.6 connection for just the selection page to load up? First thing I would do is get some text links under that image map, then no one has to wait for that thing to load up! Hmm frames, image map, or no frames.. I think I will pick no frames. Oh great, even what should be the fastest loading choice still takes forever. All pic links without any text links. Well, at least they put the alt tags on the pics so I don't have to wait.
Oh gee, the lovely use of "Scout" with ChibiChibi and other senshi that have yet to be dubbed, it's been a while since I've seen that happen. Now I know why they said on the index page, "beware of all the broken links." Having that on a page is just simply stupid. If I came to a page, and I saw that message I would leave and go somewhere else. At least that's what I would do if I didn't have to stick around to review it. What that message tells me is the owners of this page are too lazy to fix it. As a matter of fact, I'm not going to review the rest of this page. I'm tired of getting geocities "OOPPS" page.
I made it here later than the rest of the Quartet, so some changes have been made. I didn't have to cross an image map hurdle, and the links are text based now. Let's take a look at content as see if that has improved. The games page leads to an image map with 3 links. Two of them have no URL's listed, and the 3rd goes to yet another Geocities page that has taken a rather familiar looking banner as their own. In fact, a lot of these links end up going off site... That leaves me to wonder... A good portion of the links that are still onsite are broken. This looks like a case of the index page improving, and not much else.
Long loading time- the huge gif main logo doesn't help the time at all, nor do all the little picture buttons that are basically useless. Question: why do people list their stupid awards and organizations you can join way ahead of actual info? Is it just me, or does that make no sense? Info page: what is saimi? The Outers have no American names, and thanks for pointing out that Uranus and Neptune are lesbians, I couldn't figure that out from where you said they were lovers beforehand. NASM and Japanese info are mixed together, not that there IS any info, 'saxuality' for Usagi/Serena is that she's straight. Wow. [For some reason, the scouts' saxuality is important information to list.] There are a lot of broken links and whatnot... The trivia and quiz pages are full of extra bad info- they claim there's a Sailor Io, four movies, and all this other stuff. Someone please tell me why people with trashy pages are going to fork over $70+ a year for a domain?
I actually feel like singing along with CereCere on this one, this takes a damn long time to load for one image map. Like the fool I am I took the "Image Map" page after I saw Cere and Jun had problems waiting for the "No Frames" page. That image map took longer to load than whole sites I have been too! Always give people text links when you give them an image map, then they don't have to wait forever for an image map to load before they can go anywhere! In their FAQ: "They are probably a lot more powerful than the Outer Scouts because they have about 2 more years of experience." Excuse me while I laugh! Yes, they may have more experience in some ways, but the Outers have a lot more powerful attacks, plus Uranus is phyiscally stronger than any other Senshi, and they are older in age than the Inners, thus more mature. Remember people, do not write about things you don't really know. You only end up with egg on your face. Do the research!
Page: Larissa's Dark Kingdom Palace
Creator: Larissa
Nominated by: Sailor Pluto
Hmmm, it doesn't load up to bad, even with a MIDI. (I only get to sing the loading song once this month? [sob]) Anyway, a bit of a messy page, but it at least it works. No broken links and no direct links as far as I can see. She could easily clean that up by not using all caps for the links and maybe changing the colours she has picked for the links and the text slightly.
The real problems begin when we look at the info pages. There is a lot of stuff here I believe was either made up or she got from incorrect sources. It's also hard to read, the stats are all in caps. If she typed those normally and used some BR tags to place each stat on a seperate line it would be much better.
She says all the General's japanese names end with "chan," ummm that word is generally used for girls. Also Zoicite's gender? "You decide"? Umm, that doesn't help people looking for info really. Sure it's a nice little joke, but people who have no knowledge that Zoicite is a man in the Japanese and a woman in the NA/Dic won't know what the hell she's talking about. She also uses that stupid rumor that the Generals were in love with the Senshi in their past lives. That rumor is based on is a single picture made for an art album. It was never explained in the manga or anime, so no one knows if it is really true. Because it is in doubt, no one should really talk about it, unless they state it is based on a thoery or rumor.
Page went down before I could review it.
Okay... So first we load up the page, it's not too bad of a load, not good either. This girl is saying she was high when she drew this pic? Okaay... The girl has some fixation for nicknaming the generals- Nephy, Zoey, Kunzy, et cetera. All righty then... Moving on, the page likes to make up info about the generals- their favorite foods and whatnot- and mixes NASM info with Japanese SM info with manga rumors freely. Oh yah, in the manga, she claims that 'Jed' and 'Nephy' were lovers. Yah. The mail page- I don't know what's going on there, it's really pointless, stupid, and there are huge graphics on it. The Tux vs ? thing looks pretty familiar to a certain anti page, the format of the 'battle' et cetera. Bad page... Very bad page.
Now is what we call messed up info! Nephy? Jed and Nephy were lovers? Zoicite's gender: you decide? Give me a break! What da? Favorite foods? Rumors everywhere here! An Anti-Tuxedo Mask Page, great. Anti-Mercury wasn't bad enough, now there is an Anti-Tux page. Damn, I hate Anti pages. (sigh) At least she didn't steal anything.
Page: The Sailor Moon Gallery
Creator: Jason Rodgers (but he didn't really create it)
Nominated by: Philip
"The Sailor Moon Gallery and all of it's pictures are © Copyright 1998 by Jason Rodgers and may not be re-posted, in part or in full, without written permission."
What's that? May not be reposted without written permission? A simple question for Mr. Rodgers: Did you ask Philip Sullivan of The Sailor Moon Hideaway at if you could repost just about all of his site without permission? Don't go telling me you made yours first or some crap like that. Mr. Sullivan's page has been around for almost as long as I have been involved with the Sailormoon community and this is the first I have seen of yours.
Two windows open, one to the other, one to the other, weeeeee, this is fun. It's like getting two pages in one. Or better yet, having someone make a mirror site for you without having to ask. Too bad the mirrored site sucked to begin with...
What I find ironic about this is that our runner-up decided to steal the entire format of one of our old runners-up (who still hasn't improved his page, I may add). There's irony for you- someone who plagerises a plageriser. Hah.
I just love it when stolen sites try to cover things up by putting a big old disclaimer on the bottom of it saying it is his and you can't take it without his permission. Oh, the irony of it all!
Bouns Pages!
Because we received so many nominations this month here are some more pages that we just couldn't let slide, with brief reviews.

Page: Andrew's Unoffical Sailor Moon Headquarters
Creator: Andrew
Nominated by: TroyCas
Comments: Long loading time, direct links to pics and music, direct links to Hitoshi Doi's summaries. Everything is now broken because he direct linked. A Page to avoid.

Page: Jacob's Sailor Moon Page
Creator: Jacob
Nominated by: Neo Saturn
Comments: Long loading, huge pics. Has ChibiChibi and Starlights pics on outer senshi page, all pics stolen and movies stolen, no credit to any place. Another Page to avoid.

Page: §uper §ailorLoony's(Lita) §ailorMoon Page!ˇ!
Creator: Lita or Sailor Loony, which ever you prefer.
Nominated by: Snow White
Comments: Direct links, bad setup, too many images, moving gifs on the page, and pointless stuff. Everything is basically on one HTML file, not a lot of info, so not really worth the trip.

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