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Some Close Runners Up...
 June 1998

Here's some close runners up to the Worst of the Month... some of these may even go on to be next month's worst. May the gods have mercy on their souls. They're in no real order, they just all suck...

Page: The Anime Place: Sailor Moon
Creator: Moussewcon
Nominated by: White Luna
I'll admit this page doesn't looks so bad at first, it loads ok, the info seems fine, BUT...! What's wrong with this statement? -
"This is my new web page about Sailor Moon! To Be honest its no different from some others but it does correct some stuff from other pages. I hope you like it and email me PLEASE with new stuff, thanks."
OK, at least he admits he used stuff from other pages, but which pages? No credits anywhere, and then you look at his profiles... They are copied and pasted straight from Doi's page! All he did was change the background color from the old boring default color. The profiles are bascially all that are on this page, making it a complete waste of time. Why would I go here to see only 5% of Doi's site when I could go to the real site for the whole thing?
Plus, I don't like how he says "email me PLEASE with new stuff." This often encourages people to send him more stolen stuff, so the problem becomes even worse! Not to mention it's plain lazy.
My suggestion to Moussewcon: put up some proper credits and do your own research! When you do start your own research, make sure you ask permission for the material!
[Ves was away this month]
La la la. Waiting for page to load up- it's slow, not a surprise. Hmm. First big image- stolen, obviously, I've seen it before. Rest of the pics on the page- stolen. La la la. Moving on. Has a lil' picture gallery right on the main page, then goes to a page for each of the scouts... Though if you scroll down you see profiles of the scouts taken directly from the SM FAQ, strange, really. Why would you have a profiles page for each scout then just list all the stats beneath the links? Hmm. Ohhhhh... I see. It's cause the profile pages are stolen right from Hitoshi Doi's page... Exactly, word for word, even the Japanese characters and the seiyuu info too...
Waste of time alert! Waste of time alert! Just takes everything from other sources and copies it onto his page. "To Be honest its no different from some others but it does correct some stuff from other pages." Umm what did you fix? Seeing you stole from the two most trusted sources of SM info, I would like to know what is it that you fixed; what did you find wrong? Sure, they are not perfect, but you claim to be more of an expert on the subject, it seems. So what were the mistakes?
Page: Eternal Moon World
Creator: Usagi & Crew
Nominated by: Liz
Hmmm, should this really be a runner-up page? It looks fine; loading time is so-so thanks to the huge banner and the MIDI. Then you look at "Professor Tomoe's Interesting Facts," and you sit back and laugh! Yes, some of it is correct but some stuff is made up of such bad, incorrect rumors! My favorite had to be this one: "Tomoe Hotaru is part cyborg, part human. When she transforms into Sailor Saturn, she becomes all human and the chips on her body dissapear." Hmm? Robo-senshi? I think NOT! Show me one pic where Hotaru has "chips" on her body! It does say some of the facts did come from other pages. If this was one of them, I think Usagi & crew need to verify some of these facts a little better... Because now they are the ones coming up looking like idiots.
In the pic gallery, I hate to say it, but those are not Thumbnails! All they are doing is resizing the pic using WIDTH and HEIGHT in the IMG tag to resize it. That does not make things faster loading. People still have to download a pic of the same KB size. Remember it's KB size that effects download time, not WIDTH and HEIGHT. I could put up a pic thats say 1000X1000 pixels, but if it's only 5 KB it will load just like that! Take the pics into an editor, make a new copy of them but in a real smaller size and use that pic to link to the other! Otherwise the design of this page works fine.
Have I ever said how much I hate regular SM fan pages that try to sell stuff?
[Ves was away this month]
Actually, just for CereCere's reference, Hotaru is sort of a human cyborg in the manga... But not in the anime and transforming into Saturn had nothing to do with anything in that case. Anyway, back to the page... The load up for me was terrible. Took forever, the set-up was unappealing, et cetera. The image gallery was the same- lots of loading time. The 'store' was a joke- here's a rule, kids. If you want to buy something like a poster or stickers, shouldn't you actually know what these items look like before you buy 'em? Finally, my favorite section of the page- the facts page. The Miss H thing had me laughing for hours, the Saturn cyborg thing, and the SOS Uranus-Neptune lie... All this and more. Okay, so these creators are thinking about getting a domain? Uh huh, whatever. I can readily say that getting a domain will be a big waste of money until these guys get their set-ups and info straight.
I agree with Jun, a lot of these "facts" are quite laughable, but also confusing. A few of them are totally wrong, while some others are very confusing to people who don't already know about some of these facts. You need to clear up if the fact is from the anime or the manga. I hate to use Cere as example, but look how confused she was about the cyborg thing. BTW a piece of advice to our vistors, never buy anything from anyone unless you can see the products first. My suggestion go to your local Chinatown or Chinese market, you'll find them easier to look at and buy there.
Page: Supreme Goddess Rei's Page
Creator: SG Rei
Nominated by: TimeGarnet
YEEHAA! Loading, loading, loading! [the country version]
Yes, a page with way too many pics on the main page, and add the fact that it's a page with frames, loading time is made even worse! This page uses an extremely out-dated and somewhat sloppy design, especially that frame! Add some set width tags to your frames set up. I can't stand horizontal scrolling inside a frame. I have a 1024 res, and only when I use my browser on full screen does the scrolling go away. Plus the link to her main page in the frame opens the main page in the frame! If she can't fix that I would suggest dumping the frame. Frames shouldn't be used unless you know how to really use them!
Some broken pics, time to open the old page source... ACK! Direct links! [old horror movie music plays in the background] I counted at a glace at least 6 pages!
There are credits for pics the in her image gallery and content on the powers page, but I'm still trying to find credits for the ones on the main page! As for content, I can't understand why half of the Mars profile is on the main page, and then another half on a profiles page. It would help the main page's loading time and make it easier to follow if that was all in the profiles page. Hey, it has been a while since we saw a page with "Scouts" used with Japanese names, like Hino Rei. If you use "scouts," you're talking about NA, which then makes her name Raye Hino. (Note the spelling)
[Ves was away this month]
Mars shrine. Whee, this should be fun... I hate frames. I hate badly done frames in particular. Hmm... The shoddy set-up is continued throughout the page. The profiles page is divided up between two pages for some unapparent reason, there are direct links to pics and stuff, and over all, this page is really bothering me [and my Netscape] so I'll move on.
I have to ask when was the last time this page had a facelift? Wait, she does say she is working on a major upgrade, let's hope it includes getting rid of that frame. Stolen pics (which are why there are broken links). Mixes NA and Japanese info. She does try to tell you when she is using NA stuff, but a lot of times she slips and sticks it right in there with the Japanese stuff without warning. Separate the Japanese and NA info or use one or the other!
Page:The Sailor Uranus Gym
Creator: ChibiUsako
Nominated by: Rowena
Didn't I just review this page in our Best of the Month section? Oh sorry, my bad, that was Skysenshi@The Racetrack by Ruk. This is some other page that has stolen just about everything word for word and direct linked pics from Ruk's site. I also question a few pics that are not direct linked. Some of them seem very out of place on some of the pages. They look like they once belonged to one of those "table-line-around-the-text" formats, which makes me wonder if these pics were taken from an older verison of Ruk's page. Yes, I checked, not one credit anywhere to Ruk.
If this page was an arrestable offense it might be called "grand-theft webpage." But hey, it loads fast! ^_-
[Ves was away this month]
"WeLcOmE tO mY wIcKeD kEwL wEb PaGe!!!" Well, thanks! Thank you for showing me your skills in h1 tags and blinking text! Wow, I get to choose where I want to go, too? wIcKeD kEwL!!! Wow! I'm glad you like your favorite scout/senshi, Uranus! I'm astounded too that you like her for the same, precise exact reasons as Ruk's at The Racetrack! I'm impressed that you showed us your own, unique viewpoints and specially stylized information! I'm super specially glad that you linked to three seperate webpages on your image "gellery!" And on your animated gifs page too! I'm pleased that you at least linked to some of the pages that you stole from, though not all, and without any credit to them either. And you know, I'm happy to see that you have "SoMeThInG tHaT yOu WoNt SeE iN tHe FaMoUs UrAnUs ShRiNeS" 'cause it shows me that you have no clue what you're talking about, and that all the good pages are smart enough not to listen to SOS's lies about Uranus and Neptune.
Ok, seeing this girl only replies to our emails on her own disclaimer, I'm going to reply to her in an open letter here. First, the SOS info/source has since been proven to be total crap. Second she didn't steal text from Ruk? OK, let's compare.
Example #1:
Her page:
Ruk's page:
CereCere has told me she has made some further changes to this page to try and hide the fact she stole from Ruk.
Example #2:
Note the exact same layout, the exact same pics; the only difference is the background. OK, so this girl is 12, and it might sound harsh to be attacking a 12 year old. But plagarism is an offense against anyone and everyone. Even at 12, this girl needs to learn this. She is in school, after all, what if she did this on a school project and her teacher found out? We all know what would happen to her if she was caught. Ruk might have never complained to her, but I do know she never gave permission to take all this stuff from her. She used Ruk, plain and simple.
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