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Some Close Runners Up...
 May 1998

Here's some close runners up to the Worst of the Month... some of these may even go on to be next month's worst. May the gods have mercy on their souls. They're in no real order, they just all suck...

Page: Sailor Moon's Manga Homepage
Creator: Carol and Sally
Nominated by: LadyWren
Lady Wren nominated this page because she said its profiles copy word for word from her own profiles. Open new window, and let's compare... Lets pick mmm Jupiter...
Wren says:
"The fourth sailor to be found by Luna, Kino Makoto has a bit of a dual nature. On one side, she could be considered a tomboy. As Sailor Jupiter, she is the most physically powerful of the inner senshi, agressive and impulsive, quick to anger..."
Carol, the one responsible for the profiles, says:
"The fourth sailor to be found by Luna, Makoto is in many ways a tomboy. She is the practical minded Sailor Senshi. She is the most physically powerful of the inner senshi and impulsive, tending to attack first and ask questions later..."
That's pretty close, some changes, but essentially the same. After looking through a few of the others I feel Wren's accusations are correct, however, Carol and Sally do paraphrase, alter and add to a lot of Wren's stuff. Therefore, if they credited Wren for helping and gave her a link and don't think there would be much of a problem in this case. As for the rest of their page, well the index doesn't take to long to load and isn't the most beautiful thing in the world, but it works. However, it makes me wonder if they are qualified to give the HTML help they offer. The profiles are on one long scrolling page which they should seperate up into individual HTMLs. They also use some text colors which are hard to read against a black background. The image galleries are also take a damn long time to load, but this is Geocities.
This page essentially has two sections, an image gallery and a character page (note: a page, all of them are on one l-o-n-g page). The image gallary is filled with large images that have been resized using the width and height tag. How many times do we have to say that this is not thumbnailing? It takes just as long to load these as it normally would. The character pages off a brief description that is pretty accurate and then the usual stats. This page wouldn't be half bad if they thumbnailed the images and split the character profiles up into seperate files.
Paraphrasing profiles is still plagiarism. But even with this paraphrasing, the owners still can't figure out that using Japanese names and calling the sailors 'scouts' is a no-no. Image gallery? Did I wait that long? Yeah right.
What can I say? Stealing text from someone is even worse than stealing pics! BE ORIGINAL!! Don't leech off other pages!
Page: Sailor Senshi's Campus
Creator: Jade
Nominated by: WhiteCat and Squeaker
[Pulls out guitar and drum machine] Loading, loading, loading...
Wow, broken pics, big pics, lots of pics! [Hits the stop button before it's too late!] What's this? "Warning heavy on Graphics." Now she tells me! Oh there's a shortened version, let's take that one. The shortened version loads a wee bit better, but is still really long. Yes! My favorite pet peeve, hard to read text! Plus, she is an image thief... The broken pics are direct linked, no wonder they are broken... The links page uses the Everchanging Sailormoon Gateway's backgound! With a direct link! AGGG! I bet she steals from a lot more sites, but it takes so long to load I can't wait long enough to view the page sources. I only reconize that one. As for info, I couldn't even find where the info pages are located. This could easily make "Worst of the Month" if we hadn't already found one for this month.
Augh! I had to do the old highlighting the text to read the words because the background bites routine. The page is filled with images, thus making it slow loading. Character pages are nothing more then the usual stats thing. I'm curious as to why you would use an animated .gif of a tomato or skiier as a link on a Sailor Moon page. There is also a good amount of image stealing by directly linking to other sites. (Which could account for all the broken image link, no?)
Not only does this have a shitty setup with a million graphics linked from Geocities pages, extra large size as well, it's nothing new. Plus if you take a peek at the links page, the background looks oddly familiar... And taken without an ounce of credit too. The character info, aside from the scouts, is primarily correct, but only because it's obviously taken directly from Hitoshi Doi's page. The quote from Sailormoon coincides exactly with the one from Doi's page. Some other stuff is wrong though, like Uranus's talisman being Space Sword Buster or whatever it says. I'm glad that the owner has all this permission from all these pages to use these pics, but I'd at least ask him to make sure his links are working properly... Or not, it sure helped with the page loading since most of the pics were broken.
You have to love this: "All text and information on this "Sailor Senshi's Campus" is copyrighted by Jade. Any content that you wish to take and/or use of hers MUST have Jade permission first." I have to ask permission to take a pic you direct linked off someone else's page? Maybe I should ask them first. You think? As for information, like CereCere, I couldn't find any. Maybe it was because I couldn't read it, or maybe it was because I didn't want to wait for all the Bandwidth sucking direct links to load up. However, I think there really wasn't any to find.
Page: A Moon Star is Born
Creator: Guardian Ivy
Nominated by: Uranus
Oh gee, another "Enter Your Name" JAVA window. Oh, how I hate these. It's so annoying when you're trying to navigate around a page when you have to face that every single time you return to the index page!
[Pulls out Big Band Orchestra and a mic] Loading, Loading, Loading... (In honor of 'Old-Blue Eyes'... may he rest in peace...) I did it my w...[ahem!]
Well let's see what we have here. Wow, might have to sing the scrolling song too... This appears to be yet another SM online fanclub called "The Crystal Court." [scroll some more] There are also some regular 'combo-page-type' thingies here. She at least admits to not knowing a lot about certain characters, like the Starlights, and doesn't try to do too much with them. On the other pages, the old fandub names are used. Sorry, those aren't even close to what might be used if Dic dubs SMS. The backgrounds in the profiles also make it hard to read. The animated gifs of the transformations are a nice touch, but did she made them or did she get them from somewhere? Also the links back to the index are kinda hidden by using the character's attack names as a link. The rest of the content are mainly galleries with images you can find easily anywhere.
Whoa! Where are my sunglasses? I'm going to go blind looking at this trippy background with lime green text! The backgrounds don't improve as you progress into the page. Having detailed pictures, or pictures that have both light and dark on them do not make good backgrounds. The friendliest page on the eyes at this site with the Mercury page... and that's because it didn't have a background.
Um... One. Background- weird. Two. Java. Three. Why on earth would you put your fanclub with lotsa buttons before your actual info? Seriously, how many of us actually care about anyone's fanclubs? Four. ChibiChibi (besides not being 400) and the Starlights aren't Outer Senshi. Five. Fandub attack names and scout names- I don't think so. Six. Other misc. bad info consisting of mixings, flat out made-up stuff, and fandub ideas. Seven. Stolen graphics smashed together on single pages. Eight. Lousy set-ups. Nine. I have some distinct suspicions that the villains page formats are taken from other pages but slightly modified.
A background that makes you think you're on an acid trip! F-r-e-a-k-y! It's ok though, it has been setup so that you can still make most of the text out. Another SM fan club page... These have to be the most useless...(ahem) This page is an example of what we talk about on our index page. You have to wait a long time for it to load, and when it finally does you find it's the same old thing you can find on at least 1000 other sites.
Page: Sailor Ceara's Sailor Moon site
Creator: Sailor Ceara
Nominated by: Usa
[Pulls out 100 piece orchestra and a military marching band] LOADING, LOADING, LOADING... Coming soon to CD, CereCere's Greatest hits OW!!! [Gets whipped by Ves for shameless plug] When is this ever going to load? You know, if you ever consider making your own SM Web page review site, make sure you have a damn fast modem... I have a 33,600, I'm not on during peak hours, and it still takes forever! Wow, it's finally done. Lots, of pics, a MIDI, lots of scrolling, everything you would expect on a long loading page. Remove some of the pics and move some of the stuff to seperate HTMLs. For example, there is no need of all those links on your main page, plus 4 link exchanges?!?!?! ACK! The same with the character pages, divide them up! Then you won't need that "*This page may take a while to load so please be patient.*(^_~)*" message.
If you make it past the index page without crashing, more power to you. The links to the character pages are near the bottom, but to get there you have to get past a gauntlet of link exchange banners, cyber pets, which is interspersed with text. The character pages don't show much of an improvement except they lack many of the pictures. Most of the information is just out there beyond any planets the outer senshi hail from. To quote one of the stats for Michiru: "Parents: None." I never knew she was a pod person..
Great, we have another slow loading page filled with unnecessary garbage. The owner of this page is one of those people who likes putting all this 'vote for me' stuff before her actual page content. OKAY, WHAT THE HELL? This page is a PERFECT example of why fandubs should be shot- this page takes the fandub names and attacks and acts like they are FACT. Not only that, but for some reason, many 'new facts' are invented about the senshi/scouts. For instance, she says that Setsuna's favorite animal is the snake and her father's the God of time; that Jupiter Thunder Crash can be Jupiter Thunder Crush; that the senshi/scouts have not only favorite flowers, but new school uniforms, favorite animals, new best friends, new histories, new living conditions, and new parental info, all of which was never revealed in the first place. Oh yeah, apparently there's some new season of SM I've never heard of called Super Stars.
Whoa, this is a nasty page for downloading! It takes forever! No thanks, I don't want to adopt a "bikki." I've never seen a page with so much junk! People, PLEASE, for the love of God, use only one web ring, one rating system, one link exchange, and one banner!! This page has two rating systems, countless link banners,four link exchanges, one MIDI, several large pics, and a Bikki! What the hell is a BIKKI!!?? I'm sorry if I sound a little nasty about this, but I have a 14.4 modem and I doubt this thing would load in under 30 seconds on a cable modem! Also I have to scroll all the way past that junk before I actually get to anything of valve on this page, namely the links to the other sections. It's also been a while since I've seen a page with the old Dic-Japanese mix-ups and merging of information. I have nothing against Dic pages, but don't talk about SMS and SMSS when Dic hasn't dubbed them if you use Dic info! If the past history has shown anything, Dic will totally alter the names of attacks and so on, so leave it off! You will save yourself trouble in the long run.
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