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Some Close Runners Up...
  September 1998

Here's some close runners up to the Worst of the Month... some of these may even go on to be next month's worst. May the gods have mercy on their souls. They're in no real order, they just all suck...

Page: The Nuka Sailor Moon Page
Creator: Sailor Neptune
Nominated by: Yarrow
A bad layout, giant direct linked pics and broken ones to boot! Hmmm no wonder this takes forever to load! I know this person must know how to use a A HREF tag because there are some pages that do lead off from the index, so why is all this junk on the index?!?! Put all that stuff on seperate pages!
Episode clips page: more stolen stuff that doesn't work (suprise) and hard to read with the background that is used.
Outers 'n' Stuff: same thing again...
Mini Neptune Shrine: Stolen direct linked pics, all broken, and only the usual stats list.
Pictures: Even more... < ahem > you get the point I think. Give some credits, dump those direct linked files, and clean up the unnecessarily long index page to fix up this site.
Hmm... still loading? [goes off to write an e-mail] I might as well do something productive while I'm waiting. Now this is downright odd. The fourth line one reads in a bold H2 tag: Hey! I know that you're dying to see this page but PLEASE CLICK HERE to see the best page on the Web!!! If they are going to encourage you to leave when you just got there... Besides all the stuff CereCere mentioned, why would you put your rings before the content of your page? Is this a subtle hint from the page owner to leave before it gets bad? In this case, it's a hint that is best taken.
The way I figure it, this page has ripped off at least ten others or more through direct links from pictures to sound files to video files. That's pretty bad. I thank God most of the links are broken, else I would have been sitting here for a long time. The Neptune shrine is a joke- a j-o-k-e. Out of slight curiousity, why the heck if you name yourself Sailor Neptune and make a shrine to Neptune would you pick a tripod user name that has to do with Jupiter?
Either this webpage hasn't been touched in decades--or...well, I don't know. Nonetheless, this page sucks, to be blunt. But don't all reviewed sites in this section suck? Anyways, we got broken links, stolen stuff, and the worst way to steal--direct links. I'm almost positive those people don't like you taking their files, let alone their bandwidth. If you don't have the room for something, that's your problem. I think I'll save this rant for an official rant. I do believe my turn's coming up. Anyway, the last thing to pick on would be the name thing, c'mon Jun-chan, there's about 15 billion other things to dwell on without touching the Jupiter/Neptune thing.
Page: The Forbidden Eternal Moon
Creator: Eternal Princess
Nominated by: Serena
What da? This info is kind a werid... OH! Wait this is a fanfic page! Might be nice to tell your visitors that somewhere on the top of your page otherwise you get some scratching their heads like me, or others that will think this stuff happened in the show!
This site is exteremly hard to get around, not all the pages are linked very logically. Actually, I got around it by going to the root directory of the page and clicking on the file names.
Another poorly set up page is The same layout as the first, with the same misleading story. The info here is based on the fic once again and no where are you told that this is a fic.
[Strikes up the Pokka Band] Roll out Queen Barrel! lalala... Come on, even if your going to base the info on at least part of the original story learn how to spell the names! It's Beryl not BARREL! She's not a wooden container used to store Rum!
Whoa! Thanks for the warning that this is a fic page CereCere. The fan club link (which, again, you are encouraged to go to first) is "not quite ready". Then why have it linked? The club also mixes NA and Japanese names. We can hope that since it's not quite ready, it will be fixed one way or the other. The links are hard to pick out because the text is red and underlined whether it's a link or not. CereCere is right in that the only effective way to get around this page is by going to the root poking around. The SailorMoon page is the one with links to the other character pages. Those pages are nothing more then a picture of the character and some HR tags at the end.
Icky. I was confused at first because it was like- "Um, yeah, so what the heck is this girl on?" Then- "Oh... New scout/senshi/people, okay, this is like... a webpage fanfic thing." Everyone say, "Ohhhhhh" with me now. Okay, good. Now, the front page is really disorganized. In my resolution, I had to scroll back and forth numerous times to read the text, which wasn't even lined up with itself properly, which was okay, whatever. Moving on to the inner contents, it was really strange to read how these scout senshi girls from Japan with North American Japanese names running around; a few P tags or something might help just a *little* bit. I have nothing against fanfics, but if you're going to do a fanfic, might as well base it off of some good information, right? Anyways, this is really just a very hard page to figure out, worthless, really.
I'm sorry. I didn't even go here, I saw what my fellow members wrote and didn't feel it was worth my time. Let me summarize what I saw: a misleading fanfic page, badly organized, confusing, etc. Is this anything new?
Page: Daydreams of Mina
Creator: XxDarienvX
Nominated by: Sailor Pallas
[Pulls out the duelling Banjos with Ves] YEEHAA! Loading, Loading, LOADING!
Whoa, when did I walk into a bad horror movie? Thought this was going to be a happy SM page. OK I see it's for his Halloween special.
Big old ugly link picks without an alternate text link in sight! A suggestion, if you're going to ever use pic links or image maps on your page, also provide text links so people don't have to wait forever for things to load.
The pic for the link to the index used on each page is very large as well. Usually that should be no more than 40 pixels by 40 pixels. The profiles are pretty accurate, but the usual stats stuff and they're written in HTML poorly without any BR or P tags to break up the lines. Makes them hard to read.
Ack I'm tired of waiting for these links to load back up each time, I'm out of here! However, a final comment, the author of this page may want to consider a name change to the site. "Daydreams of Mina" and the URL implies this is a Venus shrine, but there is hardly anything to really make this a Venus shrine.
For me, this page didn't take too long to load because most of the images were broken when I got there. Oh man, this page looks like a blood bath. Sailormoon and bloody pointers do not go together. There is a distinct lack of text links on this page. With the pictures broken, the only way I know where I'm going is because of the bar at the bottom of Netscape with the link location. The character info isn't the only thing that would read a bit better with some BR and P tags, the fanfics would too. The quiz page doesn't have anything on it except the same large 'back' image that is on all the other pages. Hmm, I have no quippy way to end this other than to wonder what's up with all the tripod pages this month...
v Ugh. Yummy, pictures of blood and eyeballs and arachnids. Makes me wanna go eat something right now. Hmm... most of the pictures are broken throughout this entire page... Who is 'chubimoon' anyways? The profiles are okay, boring, but it looks like most of them are copied, plug and chug, from various other sources, some of the Japanese info namely from Hitoshi Doi's page, the NASM from the FAQ or some other page. What? This page won awards? Geez, you think maybe 90% of webpage awards suck because the givers have such poor taste? I guess so.
First it was GeoCities, now it's Tripod. I hate the idea that people automatically skip pages just because they see the Tripod URL and know from experience the page is as stupid as this one.
Page: The Gallery of The Silver Millenium
Creator: JessMack
Nominated by: Star Luna
If I've said it once I'll say it again. I hate backgrounds that make things hard to read! A background with SD Eternal Sailormoons, with yellow hair and a white outfit, then yellow text on top. Yeah, this isn't going to give me a headache, sure.
Gee I hated the background so much I forgot my loading song. ^_^; This one takes a long time to load due to all the junk and the direct linked stolen pics on the index page.
This is a pic gallery, right? A pic gallery with direct linked stolen pics on its index. That can only mean one thing! All the pics in the gallery are stolen and direct linked too. Sure enough, they are. A pic gallery with all stolen pics that takes forever to load equals a big waste of time.
[Plays in CereCere's place] "If I were a rich man..." I could be if I had a nickel for every time I've seen stolen pics. [Examining page source] It's grand theft picture from Geocities by the looks of it. I took the bait and read up on why Chibi Chibi was so cute. Many of the reasons left me laughing, though for the wrong reasons. I must admit a bit of fondness towards the squirt, but these reasons read more like a list of characteristics then something that would sway you towards Chibi Chibi. I did find one credited picture! The image of the week was credited with a return link to the source page. Not everything was taken without credit, just most of it...
You know, it always makes me laugh to see direct links to stolen pictures on other pages- the massive irony, the thief being stolen from. Anyways, enough cruelty. A lot of the things she's offering for free look suspiciously like they've been stolen, the picturse in the image galleries? Have I seen them before... why, yes, I have, and a lot of them are direct linked too. Music directly linked, icky animated gifs of Moon's brooche everywhere (once is enough!), possibly the only thing that was good about this page was that I liked the cute little backgrounds of the senshi the owner stole from someplace else.
Bouns Pages!
Because we received so many nominations this month here are some more pages that we just couldn't let slide, with brief reviews.

Page: Sailor Stars Page
Creator: Anna
Nominated by: Unknown
Comments: Takes forever to load thanks to several direct linked pics.
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