The Amazon Trio
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The Anime:

The Amazon Trio appear in the first half of SS. The Trio are sent by Zirconia to find the Pegasus in people's dreams. All three were at one time animals and were transformed into human form to carry out Zirconia's and Neherenia's bidding. They dress rather femininely, and when not seeking dream mirrors, usually hang out in some kind of weird bar, talking about who they will attack next. They also have this strange power they use to capture and extract dream mirrors from people. They usually count: "One, two, three," and as they count, a wall magically appears, then their victim is restrained against this wall, and finally their dream mirror is removed. The Trio eventually seem to have a change of heart, but just as they do Zirconia destroys them.

The Manga:

Things work a little different in the Manga for the Trio. First of all they are created from animals by the Amazoness Quartet, not Zirconia. Plus, rather than being destroyed by Zirconia all at once, each Trio member is killed off one by one by a senshi. FishEye is the first to go, killed by Mercury. Next is TigersEye who is killed by Mars, and finally HawksEye who is finished off by Jupiter.


The blonde is TigersEye. In the anime TigersEye believes that the beautiful dream the Pegasus hides in can only be in the most beautiful girls. He always charms them into his trap and then magically makes a curtain appear in front of him to transform out of his disguise. (Talk about ego!) TigersEye often uses a whip as his main weapon.


HawksEye is the Trio member with the red hair. While TigersEye seems to prefer young, beautiful girls, HawksEye prefers to attack older women. In one anime episode he tries to trick Usagi's mother into believing that she reminds him of his dead mother so she will let him get close to her. However, he is only trying to capture her mirror.


The one with the blue hair is Fisheye. FishEye doesn't believe his brother's targets are beautiful, and is the one only of the Trio who attacks men. You can draw your own conclusions about what FishEye likes. ^_- In one anime episode FishEye disguises himself as a girl so he can flirt with Mamoru to try to capture his dream mirror. This is one of the funniest episodes of SS, because not only does Usagi becomes insanely jealous of FishEye, but it's a funny moment when FishEye is scared off after seeing Diana nearby. FishEye, being originally a fish, has a strong fear of cats.


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