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From Our Archives:

Creator: Mara K.
Page: Pluto Planet Power!
Sailorpluto Shrine

Creator: Jubei & Psyber Raven
Page: The Original Sailor Mars Shrine at Hikawa Jinja
Sailormars Shrine

Creators: Fish Eye and Tiger Eye
Page: The Amazone
Amazoness Quartet & Amazon Trio Shrine.

Creator: Saturn Lee
Page: Bow to the Glaive
Sailorsaturn Shrine

Creator: Ruk
Page: Sky Senshi@The Racetrack
Sailoruranus Shrine

Creator: Skeeter
Page: Evolution
Sailorjupiter Shrine

Creator: Minki Kitti
Page: Memoirs of a Fish
Fisheye Shrine

Creator: Jov
Page: Dark Echo Grounds of Thunder Senshi
Sailorjupiter Shrine

Links to Other Shrines:

Note: We do not endorse any of the shrines you will be able to find on the following pages, other than the ones listed above.

  • Karl's List of Sailor Moon Shrines
  • Sailor Search
  • Anipike

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