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What exactly is a shrine page?

Well, a shrine is something dedicated to honoring a person or deity. In the case of Sailor Moon, it's a web page which is dedicated to focusing on one particular character on the show. Of course, this character can be either a hero or a villian.

Often shrine pages are overlooked in favor of those much larger and more common "one stop shopping" combo pages. However, a good shrine can be an excellent source of information and ideas on a particular character, much better than a combo page which has to keep enough room to talk about all the characters.

Notice that a good shrine page can be better than a combo page. What's a good shrine? Well, of course a good shrine should have everything every Sailor Moon page should have, good and accurate info, no stolen graphics or ideas, and an easy to follow layout. What makes a really good shrine is one that goes beyond using the information on the back of the doll boxes or copying the old "name: age: blood type:" thing from hundreds of other sites. If that's all the information you have about the character on your shrine, well, you might as well shut it down because you can find that anywhere! The usually best shrines are ones that take longer than a minute (not including loading time) to go through. If you have a shrine or are thinking about making one, maybe try to talk about your favorite scenes with the character to give some insight on the character's personality. Also try to have more than just info and graphics, look at sound files and other ideas. After all, it's nice to see what the character looks like, but it's even better to be able to hear what they sound like as well. Don't fill up the space with just an image gallery of that character.

Many have asked us, "Why don't you review more shrines?" The reason for this is simple. Even though our current system of taking nominations causes our e-mail box to fill up each month, usually we receive only about one to three shrine page nominations. These are often over shadowed by much worse or much better pages in using other formats. However, below we have listed the shrines that have won awards with us in the past, plus a link to a list of other shrines, some of which we haven't reviewed (yet). ^_-

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This feature was created March 1998 and was last updated September 1998.

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