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    Here's what we asked those-people-with-all-the-M's-at-the-begining-of-their-names and their responses:

The M-Squad
What is the offical name of your site:

It USED to be "The M Squad's Good Bad and Ugly," but I think now we are just calling it "The "M" Squad" since the new contents were added.

The date this site was put online:

WOW, let me think! Uh, August 1997 was the VERY first time, with only 3 Ms (Makoto, Mamoru, and Mars), but we didn't have Mercury, Minako, or Michiru until March 1998.

List the nicknames of all your reviewers/members:

Makoto, Mamoru, Mars, Mercury, Minako, and Michiru! We are on our SECOND Mako-chan and Mamoru.

Why did your group start this page?

I have to think WAY back again! Part of it was you guys not updating in a long time! ^^ But we REALLY wanted to help people with their sites too, even if it WAS a rude awakening sometimes. ^^ And we didn't really HAVE pages of our own, so we thought that would help us tune in to being a objective VIEWER, and not just a reviewer.

Try to list three points (or less) about how you think your group's site is different from the other SM Web Page Review Sites:

I think we are different in a LOT of ways, but the BIGGEST one is that we have ALL made the pledge to HELP the pages we review, and also to help anyone who thinks they need it. We REALLY like being a part of the improvements, and it makes it MUCH less frustrating for the people being helped! A lot of people seem to think that we are NICER about our reviews than other WPR sites, but I don't think there is THAT much difference. Maybe a little. ^^ I think our rating system is another thing that makes us unique, since no other WPR really has anything like it! It helps everyone figure out just how BAD (or Ugly) or GOOD the pages are, and I think there are less bad feelings when we pick a site that is mediocre but not REALLY bad, because we can give a rating that shows it.

List any future plans this site may have for further expansion and improvements:

We are DEFINITELY adding more contents to our magazine, maybe changing some of the ones we have now if we get better ideas. And MORE help resources! You never know WHAT we will be doing!

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