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 An Overview:

Back in October, 1996 four people set out to go where no one dared to go before...
[BANG!!] How did the trekkie get in here??

Seriously though, when we started this page sure we knew it would be contraversal, but it turned out to be fairly popular as well. Soon it led to several other pages being created, with the same basic concept as ours, but each with their own unique twist.

Sailormoon Webpage Reviewers all have different methods and ways of reviewing, but we are all here for one main purpose, to help. To help people find good sites which are informative, correct, easy to follow and original. While also avoiding bad sites which are, based on silly rumors, hard to read, and stolen material.We also help people to improve their pages, if they are willing to read a bit and put their pride and egos away for a few seconds.

Yes some say we are to harsh, but we are only expressing our own honest opinions in public, rather than keeping them only to ourselves. If you can't handle a little critism, then maybe you shouldn't be on the web. Critism has to be the best way to help and improve webpages, and no webpage is ever perfect.


Inside you will find pages featuring some the more major SM-WPRs.
We created these pages by sending out short, and somewhat boring-sounding surveys to each of the site and posted their much more lively responses here.

We tried to contact as many of the SM-WPRs that we knew about. Any that are not featured here either did not reply to the survey or were unable to be contacted through email.

Thanks again to all the sites that did reply to us.

This feature was created July 1998.

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