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    Here's what we asked zee witches and their responses:

The Witches are Watching
What is the offical name of your site?

It used to be "Does the Fifth Witch LAUGH at YOUR page's disabilities, but now it is "The Witches are Watching"

The date this site was put online:

January of 1998

List the nicknames of all your reviewers/members:

Cyprine, Mimete, Pikurl

Why did your group start this page?

To try to offer help/increase the standards of Sailor Moon webmasters

Try to list three points (or less) about how you think your group's site is different from the other SM Web Page Review Sites:

Instead of awarding pages anymore, we simply do a fully comprehensive review of each page on the site, giving out an award only if the page is really bad or really good.

List any future plans this site may have for further expansion and improvements:

We do have upcoming features; All I can say regarding this is "Tomoe's Witches"

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