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    Here's what we asked the Animamates and their responses:

The Needleleaf Society

What is the offical name of your site?

"The Needleleaf Society of Widgets, Gadgets and Gobbledegoop, or "Therea and Back Again, by the Sailor Animamates". Also know as: "Microsoft Needleleaf 3.01" commonly referred to as "The Needleleaf Society" by people in the know ^_-

The date this site was put online?

October 1997

List the nicknames of all your reviewers/members:

Lead Crow, Aluminum Siren were the original two. Then in January of '98 came Iron Mouse and Tin Nyanko.

Why did your group start this page?

Why else? to cash in on your success! j/k ;)

Originally, the Needleleaf Society was going to be a ska webpage, believe it or not, then I was thinking maybe just a general "secret society" but then SM got involved with it, hence the weird name.

List some points how you think your group's site is different from the other SM Web Page Review Sites:

  • The funky 1970s color schemes, man! GROOVE ON! *collapses*
  • Loooooooong reviews
  • Not afraid to sit back and laugh at itself, more lighthearted than other reviewers.

A Footnote to this column: The Needleleaf Page closed during the fall of 1998.

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